We've updated our User Agreement and Seller Policies – 20 February 2014

Take a few moments to read them and make sure you understand the changes and how they affect you.

We've updated the requirements for sellers relating to the delivery of tickets.
When you list a ticket for sale on StubHub you must specify if you already have the ticket in your possession. For tickets you already have, once a ticket has sold, you are required to send the ticket to the Buyer via the selected delivery method within five (5) working days or if the event is less than two (2) weeks away within 24 hours after you receive the order confirmation email from StubHub. For tickets you don't yet have, you are required to send a sold ticket to the Buyer as soon as you have received it from the promoter or organiser, at the latest one (1) week before the event.

What does this mean for you?

If you sell a ticket on StubHub you should send it to the buyer as soon as possible. The sooner a buyer gets his tickets the happier he will be. If you list tickets that you do not yet have in your possession you must ensure that you receive them at the latest one week before the event. If you don't know whether you'll have your tickets at least one week before the event, you should wait to list your tickets until you definitely know when you'll have them.
We have amended the rules around reporting an issue after a ticket has sold.
Previously, sellers could report an issue to StubHub within 48 hours of the sale without being subject to any additional fees or other consequences. In future, sellers who are not able to fulfil their orders once a ticket has sold may be subject to being charged additional fees for sourcing a replacement ticket or providing a refund to the Buyer. This includes an administrative fee of £15.00 for the costs incurred by StubHub.

What does this mean for you?

By listing a ticket for sale on StubHub you are making a binding offer to sell that ticket to a buyer for the price you have specified and within the required delivery timeframe. If you list your tickets for sale on multiple websites you must ensure to remove them from StubHub as soon as they sell elsewhere.
If you can't deliver the tickets within the required delivery timeframe, if you need to offer replacement tickets or if you can't deliver the tickets at all, you need to contact Customer Service immediately. StubHub will try to resolve the issue and find replacement tickets for the buyer. StubHub may charge you for any additional costs incurred by finding replacement tickets or providing the buyer with a refund for his order.

The new Agreement is effective on 20 March 2014 for all current users and upon acceptance for new users who register on or after 20 February 2014.

We've updated our privacy policy – 17 April 2013

Our updated privacy is effective 18 April 2013. We've made changes in the "Registration and sharing through third-party services" section to include our service provider MyThings.

Take a few moments to read it and make sure you understand the changes and how they affect you.

Your use of StubHub's site or services after 17 April 2013 constitutes your acceptance of the updated privacy policy. If you've already accepted our privacy policy, the privacy policy will be effective 18 May 2013.

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