10 good reasons to consider selling your festival tickets
Staff writer - August 02, 2018

10 good reasons to consider selling your festival tickets

Could you put that wristband to better use?
Sell festival tickets

So you finally got your hands on a couple of festival tickets and you couldn’t be happier - so why on Earth would you consider selling them?

There’s actually quite a few good reasons, mostly down to life's tendency to manifest problems that sabotage your fun.

To help ease the stress, StubHub is waiving its fees for fans selling tickets to Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Creamfields and SW4 in August*, making it simpler than ever to swap tickets for cash.


Here’s 10 reasons why selling your festival ticket might be for the best...

1. There’s a big wedding to go to

Frustrated with computer

Your little brother is all grown up now, which means he’s settling down and getting married. Aw...

Problem is, love has blinded him so severely he didn’t even notice he’d booked the wedding venue on the same day as Reading Festival! Grrr...

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2. You really need the cash

Stressed paying bills

Unfortunately, the taxman, energy suppliers, car mechanics, etc. don’t take into account the fact that you’ve spent all your cash on festival tickets.

They just want paying. And they want paying a LOT. Like, right now…

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3. The lineup wasn’t what you were hoping for

Disappointed at phone

True festival fans buy their tickets long before the lineup is even announced.

Thing is, festival organisers don’t always blow their die-hard fans away with the artists they book, leaving you wondering if you should have bought tickets to something else…

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4. Your mates have pulled out

Being the friend in charge of the group’s fun times is a big responsibility, but having just one flake in the gang can leave you out of pocket.

If you’ve put all the tickets on your credit card, but you now realise you’re not going to get the money back from the friend you bought it for, it’s probably time to put it up for sale.

5. Something better has come along

Surprised at phone

Back in January, it seemed like a great idea to get your summer sorted early doors.

But a lot of time has passed since then and now other options have come up. Wouldn’t it be nice to free up that cash so you can go on that summer trip?

6. You’d rather go VIP

Feeling a bit flush all of a sudden? For the superfan, you can’t beat VIP with exclusive enclosures, quality camping and maybe even the chance to rub shoulders with the artists.

If you’ve already bought your standard ticket, why not sell and put the cash towards an unforgettable experience?

7. You’ve got the flu

Man in bed with flu

When you’re feeling under the weather, the last thing you need is actual terrible weather (and rowdy drunk people to boot). 

If you’ve paid good money for your ticket, you obviously don’t want it to go to waste. But that doesn’t mean you have to power through when you really should be in bed. Make someone else’s dream come true instead and keep the money for when you’re feeling better.

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8. Day one was kind of underwhelming

You’ve gone all-in and bought yourself a weekend ticket, but for one reason or another you’re just not feeling it.

Rather than two more days of mediocrity, why not admit defeat and sell your unused day tickets so you can go to something you know you’ll enjoy. Selling tickets so late in the day usually means high demand, so you may even walk away with profit... 

9. They weren’t 'the one' after all

Couple arguing on the sofa

Booked tickets to the festival for you and your bae, but things didn’t work out between you?

Sucks to be you - but hey, it happens! You know what'll help you move on better than chocolate and ice-cream? A stack of cash from selling unusable festival tickets.

10. It’s free to sell on StubHub in August*

Daydreaming on the sofa

You’ve already got a big decision to make, so you really don’t need the headache of fees for selling your tickets thrown into the mix.

For the month of August, StubHub.co.uk lets you keep 100% of the proceeds from the sale of tickets to Reading, Leeds, SW4 and Creamfields festivals.

So if you're thinking about selling your festival ticket, now is very much the time...

*Sell Fee Discount Terms and Conditions

Valid for ticket sales to the 2018 Reading, Leeds, SW4 and Creamfields Festivals completed between 01/08/18 00:01 BST and 26/08/18 23:59 BST. Only listings by consumer sellers via specific StubHub domains valid. T&Cs apply.

“Designated Website” means any of the following: www.stubhub.pt, www.stubhub.co.uk, www.stubhub.ie, www.stubhub.com, www.stubhub.lu, www.stubhub.it, www.stubhub.nl, www.stubhub.co.at, www.stubhub.be, www.stubhub.fi, www.stubhub.pl, www.stubhub.gr, www.stubhub.dk, www.stubhub.se, www.stubhub.cz.

“Eligible Event” means any of the following events taking place in the United Kingdom: (1) 2018 Reading Festival (2) 2018 Leeds Festival (3) 2018 South West Four Festival (4) 2018 Creamfields Festival.
“Eligible Listing” means a listing of a ticket on a Designated Website to an Eligible Event.
“Eligible Sale” means a completed sale on a StubHub Site of an Eligible Listing during the Promotion Period.
“Promotion Period” means the period between 00:01 CET on 1 August 2018 and 23:59 CET on 26 August 2018.
“Sell Fee Discount” means 0% sell fee.
“StubHub Site” means a StubHub website or mobile application.

What is the promotion?
If you create a ticket listing on a StubHub Designated Website to an Eligible Event, and that listing sells on a StubHub Site during the Promotion Period, you won’t pay any sell fees.

How do I get the promotional rate?
The Sell Fee Discount will be automatically applied to Eligible Sales.

When is it?
Sell Fee Discount will be applied only to Eligible Sales completed on a StubHub Site during the Promotion Period.

Sell Fee Discount is available to StubHub registered consumer sellers (as determined by StubHub in its sole discretion) only who are at least 18 years old.
Participation is linked to the seller’s account and is not transferable.
Sell Fee Discount applies only to Eligible Sales completed during the Promotion Period.
All listings and sales must comply with StubHub’s User Agreement, policies (including the Seller Policies) and applicable laws.
If the Eligible Listing does not sell within the Promotion Period and you relist it after the Promotion Period, the Sell Fee Discount shall not apply. Standard sell fees shall apply instead.

Restrictions & exclusions
The Sell Fee Discount cannot be used in combination with other seller discounts, coupons, offers or other promotions available on StubHub sites.
Sell Fee Discounts have no cash alternative and they are not transferable or assignable.

General terms
These Terms and Conditions are subject to the law of England & Wales.
In accordance with StubHub´s User Agreement and policies, StubHub does not guarantee that your tickets will sell or that your listing will appear on its website within a certain time after it is posted or in a particular order on the event page or through search results. StubHub will not, for any reason, provide compensation for tickets that do not sell, even if it is due to website unavailability from an outage or maintenance or listing delays. Unless otherwise specified, applicable taxes may be applied to final fees. StubHub reserves the right to interrupt, modify or cancel this voucher action at any time if the circumstances make appropriate action by StubHub necessary. StubHub reserves the right to add additional specific terms and conditions for specific parts of this coupon promotion. The decision of StubHub regarding any aspect of this promotion is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

This promotion is being run by StubHub (UK) Limited, 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW ("StubHub").

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