10 things that made England fall in love with Anthony Joshua
Staff writer - August 16, 2018

10 things that made England fall in love with Anthony Joshua

And why YOU need to be in his corner this September
Anthony Joshua holding an England shirt

Anthony Joshua seems to be an unstoppable force as he prepares to face Alexander Povetkin on September 22 - and the entire country is watching with bated breath...

The boxing world hasn’t seen such a compelling fighter in a good while, with every one of AJ’s fights a spectacular chapter in an incredible story.

Here’s how Anthony Joshua captivated the country and became such an amazing fighter to watch live.


1. He’s a down-to-Earth bloke
Anthony Joshua on a council estate

Besides his impressive fighting skills, Joshua is one of the most endearing athletes the UK has to offer due to how genuinely real he keeps it.

The man hasn’t forgotten where he came from, regularly paying homage to his Watford and Nigerian roots.

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2. He puts in the work

One look at Joshua’s impressive physique, and you’d be forgiven for thinking he crash-landed on Earth from the planet Krypton. 

But watch how easily he dismisses the idea that he’s something special, instead crediting basic life skills and putting in the hard work at the gym for his success.

3. He’s popular with the ladies

Anthony Joshua in a vest

There’s no denying it; AJ is a bona fide hunk and his female admirers make their affections clear on a regular basis.

Before StubHub’s ‘An Evening With Anthony Joshua’, we asked fans on our Instagram page what they would ask him if given the opportunity. One of their first responses?: “Will you marry me?”

I mean, buy the man a drink first, no?

4. He's insanely driven

Despite being popular the world over, Joshua knows that when it comes down to it - you’ve got to win fights to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

The man himself said, "Just set yourself a goal and try and stick to it. Because you'll always end up better than where you started."

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5. He’s a natural

Anthony Joshua gold medal

Slipping on the gloves at age 18, Joshua’s first experience sparring with pads saw him shatter the bones in his trainer’s hand.

Five years later, and the former brickie was walking away from the Olympics with a gold medal in hand and that trademark smile plastered on his face.

6. He’s actually pretty funny

Boxers aren’t well known for their sharp wit (with the very obvious exception of Muhammad Ali) but Joshua has a decent sense of humour. 

Check out this clip from ‘An Evening with Anthony Joshua’ where he suggests he learned fighting techniques from a classic Super Nintendo game.

7. He’s a great dad


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Joshua waited until he won his first world title before revealing to the world he had a son.

The star does his best to keep two-year-old Joseph out of the public eye and even splashed out on a £500k flat for him and former lover Nicole.

What a class act!

8. He's come a long way

Anthony Joshua MBE

We all love a good story of triumph against all odds, and Anthony Joshua is the living embodiment of that.

Despite getting into trouble with the law in his youth - and enduring a tough year at a Nigerian boarding school where he was routinely beaten -  Joshua turned his life around and became a national treasure.

He was even awarded an MBE!

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9. He loves his mum

Anthony Joshua and his mum

We can all get behind a man who spends time with his dear old mum, and Joshua goes above and beyond to show his family how much they mean to him.

In fact, one of the most shared stories about AJ was when he moved back into his mum’s ex-council house for some downtime after his win against Wladimir Klitschko - despite being a millionaire who could have been kicking it in the Bahamas.


10. He’s got time for his fans

Joshua dedicated a whole evening to his supporters shortly after his fight against Joseph Parker earlier this year.

Here’s a clip of AJ taking time out to answer fans' questions, take selfies and hand out signed pictures.


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AJ clearly has a lot of love for his fans... Show him you love him back by being there at Wembley Stadium on September 22.

Tickets for Joshua vs Povetkin are as low as £40 at time of writing from StubHub.co.uk - Matchroom Boxing’s official ticketing partner.


Stay tuned to LineUp for more on Anthony Joshua in the lead up to his clash with Alexander Povetkin.