6 times Drake was just the awesomest
Staff writer - September 04, 2018

6 times Drake was just the awesomest

Blessed be The 6ix God
Drake in concert

It’s no secret that Drake is the “nice guy of hip-hop”.

But you might not know the extent to the rapper's awesomeness, so we thought we’d shine a spotlight on Drake just being a super good dude.

1. He paid for a bunch of people’s food shopping

Instead of spending the $1 million budget for his video ‘God’s Plan’, the Canadian rapper - who often goes by The 6ix God in reference to the six municipalities of his home city of Toronto - opted to go around Miami doing nice things for people instead.

Drizzy went on a six-figure do-gooding frenzy, paying for people’s shopping at the supermarket (and telling them to get more stuff), donating money to the fire department and just straight-up handing out wads of cash to people in the street.

2. He invented the phrase YOLO

Before it became the war cry of a generation, YOLO was coined in the Drake/Lil Wayne track ‘The Motto’.

Since then, the acronym - meaning You Only Live Once - has become a staple of modern pop culture, going on to become a social media hashtag, Lonely Island song (featuring Adam Levine) and even a tattoo on Zac Efron’s hand (true story).

3. He gave The Weeknd his big break

'Starboy’ singer The Weeknd first caught Drake’s attention when he released some early tracks to YouTube. 

Drake promptly featured the songs in a blog post - which led to coverage from Pitchfork and The New York Times - and went to see his fellow Canadian on tour in Toronto.

The Weeknd later opened for Drake on tour and collaborated with him on several hit tracks.

4. He drank a shot out of his Grammy award

Not necessarily a "nice" thing to do, but this article is about Drake being awesome and this entry is overqualified.

To promote his album ‘Nothing Was The Same’, Drake made a trailer of himself and crew doing shots out of his Best Rap Album Grammy (for ‘Take Care’).

Don't think it's going to fit in the dishwasher though, Drizzy...

5. He broke a record playing Fortnite

You might know that Drake is an unashamed online gaming fan, but were you aware that he broke streaming records during a Fortnite session?

The ‘In My Feelings’ star garnered an impressive 635,000 concurrent viewers - a record for a non-tournament stream of the game - when he teamed up with gamer Ninja against rapper Travis Scott and NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster.

The session reportedly earned the streamer an extra 90,000 subscribers. 

6. He returned to his Degrassi roots

Drake started his career as an actor in Canadian teen drama ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ in which he played a basketball player who becomes wheelchair-bound after getting shot.

Of all the stars of the show, Drake - who went by Aubrey Graham back then (Drake is his middle name) - has had the most successful career.

But the man sure knows how to pay it forward, casting his former 'Degrassi' co-stars in the video for ‘I’m Upset’.

The promo even sees Drake’s crew get revenge on Rick, the guy who shot him in the show, for a real bit of full-circle nostalgia.

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