Take That - 30 facts to celebrate the Manchester man band’s anniversary
Staff writer - September 24, 2018

Take That - 30 facts to celebrate the Manchester man band’s anniversary

Gary Barlow didn’t wash his hair for 14 years?!
Take That: Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald

Big news for UK pop fans - Take That are back with a 30th anniversary tour in 2019 and a Greatest Hits album that will feature brand new music.

To celebrate, we’ve searched every corner of the Internet to uncover 30 of the finest Take That facts ever! Enjoy!

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  1. Take That went through several name changes including ‘The Cutest Rush’, ‘Kick It’ and ‘Take That and Party’ (which became the name of their first album).

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  2. Before joining Take That at 18, Mark Owen worked in a bank and also tried out to play for Manchester United.
  3. Robbie Williams got a job as a double-glazing salesman when he left school at 16 shortly before he joined the band.
  4. Which he did after his mum responded to an ad looking for members for a new boy band.

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  5. Jason Orange and Howard Donald were in a break-dancing group called StreetBeat before filling out the Take That lineup.
  6. Gary Barlow had been singing in clubs since he was 15 before becoming the band’s frequent lead singer and songwriter. He had also played piano for UK comedy stars like Ken Dodd and Russ Abbot.

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  7. During their boyband heyday in the 90s, about two-thirds of Take That’s fan mail was addressed directly to Mark Owen.
  8. Howard once suffered a collapsed lung after an onstage attempt at the splits in Vienna went horribly wrong.
  9. Gary is married to Dawn Andrews, one of the backing dancers to Timmy Mallett’s ‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ video.

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  10. Take That’s first single ‘Do What U Like’ was a bit of a flop, reaching only number 82 in the UK charts.
  11. Robbie reckons he has seen a UFO and dedicates his free time to watching the skies.
  12. Jason has a twin brother who works as a DJ in Manchester and also owns the restaurant Toast in Chester.
  13. Howard kept his 2015 wedding so low-key that Gary and Mark claim they had to “fight for an invite”.

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  14. Robbie doesn’t have a driving license and has never even tried to take a test.
  15. Gary and Mark met at Stockport’s Strawberry Studios. Gary had won some recording time in a local competition and Mark worked there as a tea boy.
  16. To avoid paparazzi when hanging out with Geri Halliwell (now Horner) at his London flat, Robbie crammed the Spice Girl into a duffel bag, put her in the boot of her car and drove off.
  17. Mark and Howard once got trapped in the hands of a giant robot on stage. The mechanical prop was supposed to lower them to the stage but got stuck. Mark was rescued, but Howard was forced to sing the next song from the structure.
  18. During Take That’s last tour ‘Wonderland’, the band travelled with a whopping SEVEN tour buses.

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  19. Robbie had to pay £1.5 million to break his contract with Take That in 1995. He only made £1 million during his time with the band.
  20. Jason first realised he fancied ex-girlfriend Catherine Tate when he saw her dressed up as him for Comic Relief sketch Fake That.
  21. Several members of Take That went down with the flu after filming the video for ‘Back For Good’ due to the practical rain effects used.

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  22. Robbie briefly appeared on UK soap Brookside before finding fame with Take That. He later appeared in a cameo role in ‘EastEnders’.
  23. Gary claims to be the “only one in the group who’s any fun” and takes pride in the fact he can hold his booze. In the same interview, he also confessed to enjoying a scented candle in his dressing room.
  24. Howard once threatened to “shave his balls” live on Instagram if the England football team got through to the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup. Luckily they didn’t.

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  25. Gary prepares for Take That tours with cryotherapy treatments that puts his body through -200C temperatures. It’s said to stimulate muscle growth and boost the immune system.
  26. Jason once appeared in a 2013 episode of Channel 4 comedy-drama ‘Shameless’. He played DJ Scouse Mouse.
  27. Gary had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him cameo in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. He’s in the final battle on Crait.
  28. Take That admitted to be in talks with Hollywood producers to bring their musical ‘The Band’ to the big screen. The popular stage show is expected to hit London’s West End in December 2018.

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  29. Gary once walked out of an interview with BBC’s ‘The One Show’, claiming the dressing room was very hot and that he felt faint. But Howard later tweeted it was because he was “touching cloth” and had to nip off to “lay one”.
  30. In 2017, Gary claimed he washed his hair for the first time in 14 years.

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