Problem Central: 'A girl once threw her mum's prosthetic leg on stage'
stubhub - October 04, 2018

Problem Central: 'A girl once threw her mum's prosthetic leg on stage'

Drum and bass supergroup explain the pitfalls of fame
Problem Central: Logan D, Majistrate, Eksman and Evil B

Drum and bass collective Problem Central are pretty fresh on the scene, but if you're a fan of sick beats fresh from the streets, you've probably heard of it's members.

Majistrate, Logan D, Eksman and Evil B make up the supergroup taking the UK by storm right now as they prepare for two big Playaz gigs and an upcoming mixtape. 

We had a quick chat with Eksman about which member of Problem Central has the weirdest habits, the origin of their logo and the cost-effective benefits of performing together...

You guys are each pretty successful in your own rights. Why the team up?

To save on petrol.

That's smart. It must get quite intense when you’re on tour together, though. Who has the weirdest habits?

Definitely Majistrate. After sets he likes to put seat belts over his USB sticks.

That is weird... So, how is it different performing as a group versus flying solo?

Unfortunately having to share the limelight with the others.


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Tell us a bit about your Playaz Halloween Special. Should we be scared?

It’s our biggest London show to date and we are really excited to perform there. Should you be scared? Yes, but only if Logan D is drinking...


While we're on the topic of Halloween: If you had to pick a horror film character as a fifth member of the group, who would you pick?

Freddie Krueger.

Hmm. Maybe keep him off the decks... What's been the craziest thing that's happened since you've been performing together?

During the Samurai Switcher, a girl once threw her mum’s prosthetic leg on stage.

Ibiza or London?

Wherever our agent isn’t.


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Wow... So, what’s the story behind the Problem Central fist logo?

It wasn’t supposed to be a fist. Evil went to throw his hand up for a photo once and got a level-8 cramp in his hand. The fist was formed.

Jay-Z reckons he had 99 problems. How many have Problem Central got?

Depends if Logan’s drinking or not.

Any upcoming new music we should know about?

Yes! The Problem Central Mixtape in December and we have started working on an album due for release in 2019

Problem Central will be performing at Playaz Halloween at London's O2 Academy Brixton on October 27.

They'll also be making an appearance at Run at Bristol's In:Motion on December 1.

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