Phil Collins tour 2018: is ‘Not Dead Yet Live’ returning to UK?
Staff writer - May 11, 2018

Phil Collins tour 2018: is ‘Not Dead Yet Live’ returning to UK?

UPDATE: 'In The Air Tonight' singer announces US dates, more UK concerts to follow?
Phil Collins 2017

After the success of ‘Not Dead Yet Live’ - Phil Collins' tour continues with the announcement of fresh US dates.

It's the legendary Genesis drummer and solo singer's first live tour in 10 years, which saw him play a series of concerts in the UK last year.

But is Phil Collins playing in the UK again in 2018? Here’s everything we know…

‘Not Dead Yet Live’ tour dates and cities

Phil Collins' tour in 2017 took place mostly in the UK (including five shows at the Royal Albert Hall), with a few European dates.

The shows were so popular, Collins added new dates to satisfy demand and recently announced a series of US and Canada concerts

Collins was forced to cancel concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in 2017 when he tripped on a step and cut his head.

A 2016 interview with Rolling Stone suggests the singer could add yet more dates.

He told the magazine, “I would like to play some shows in South America. If we do that, I'm sure we’d do some shows in the States too."

Phil Collins’ tour 2018 - setlist and show info

The ‘Not Dead Yet Live 2017’ tour - which shares a name with Collins’ 2016 autobiography - included all the singer’s greatest hits, as well as some songs from his Genesis days.

Here’s the complete setlist for Phil Collins’ tour 2017, which is likely to be similar to what he'll perform in 2018:

  1. Against All Odds
  2. Another Day in Paradise
  3. One More Night
  4. Wake Up Call
  5. Follow You Follow Me (Genesis song)
  6. Can't Turn Back the Years
  7. I Missed Again
  8. Hang in Long Enough
  9. Separate Lives
  10. Only You Know and I Know
  11. I Don't Care Anymore
  12. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
  13. You Know What I Mean
  14. In the Air Tonight
  15. You Can't Hurry Love
  16. Dance Into the Light
  17. Invisible Touch (Genesis song)
  18. Easy Lover
  19. Sussudio
  20. Take Me Home

What to expect from Phil Collins’ 2018 concerts

Phil Collins’ 2017 tour marked the first time the singer had toured since his 2006 reunion with Genesis.

While the ‘Easy Lover’ hitmaker hasn’t released any new material for the new tour, he told Rolling Stone he would likely play some songs that he hadn’t performed live before to give fans something fresh.

After the announcement, Collins performed a number of live television shows, proving the sexagenarian still has what it takes to wow audiences with his vocals.

Phil Collins’ tour will focus solely on the artist’s vocals, leaving the drumming to his 16-year-old son, Nicholas.

You can catch a glimpse of Nicholas performing the famous drum fill from ‘In The Air Tonight’ at the US Open in 2016.

Nicholas said of the big moment in an interview with Rolling Stone, "Everyone knows that fill. But to be honest, it's not that hard to play. Still, doing it at the US Open was very nerve-racking."

Stay tuned to LineUp for the latest news on Phil Collins’ tour 2018.