NFL 2020: schedule release, virtual draft, Super Bowl LV and more
stubhub - April 16, 2020

NFL 2020: schedule release, virtual draft, Super Bowl LV and more

A comprehensive guide to the 2020 NFL program
NFL 2020 Draft & Schedule

Football season is slowly closing in and here at StubHub we want to give you a guide to the NFL 2020. Let's take a look at the NFL draft, schedule release, regular season and Super Bowl LV to see how you can get your football fix in 2020.

The 2020 NFL season is the league's 101st season. Every year the season officially begins with the NFL Kickoff Game which, this year, is scheduled for September 10th, the first Thursday after Labor Day. Although not confirmed yet, if this year follows the tradition of the past 15 years, then the Kickoff Game should be hosted by the reigning Super Bowl winners, the Kansas City Chiefs.

The month prior to the kickoff game there will be preseason games - 5 weeks of friendly matchups to get the teams (and fans!) warmed up for the upcoming season.

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NFL 2020 Preseason schedule

The NFL preseason schedule has not yet been announced and will most likely be next week (final week of April) following this week's NFL 2020 Draft.

When does the preseason start?

The preseason is set to go ahead on August 6th with the only confirmed game so far. Dallas faces Pittsburgh in Ohio in the Hall of Fame game.

How many preseason games does the NFL play?

Each team plays four or five preseason matches. Last year there was a total of 65 games in the preseason.

Does the preseason count?

The games in the preseason don't count for the points in the regular season. However, the preseason is a good chance for teams to build confidence and momentum leading into the first games of the season.

NFL 2020 Draft

This week is officially draft week in NFL - arguably the most exciting non-game event of the NFL calendar.

The draft is an annual occurrence during which each team recruits new players to the teams. The first draft was held in 1936 and every year since, and for the first time the draft will be done virtually via live-stream.

NFL Draft 2020 - what you need to know

How long does the draft take?

The 2020 draft will be the same as usual, spanning 3 days from April 23rd - April 25th. Unlike past drafts, this year the event will be done virtually with 58 prospects participating online.

Who gets first draft pick?

The draft order is determined by previous year's results in a reverse order - the Super Bowl winners choose last and the team with the worst win-loss record gets first pick. In the 2020 NFL draft the Cincinnati Bengals, with a record of 2-14, get first pick followed by the Washington Redskins and the Detroit Lions.

What is the draft order for 2020?

1. Cincinnati Bengals 9. Jacksonville Jaguars 17. Dallas Cowboys 25. Minnesota Vikings
2. Washington Redskins 10. Cleveland Browns  18. Miami Dolphins 26. Miami Dolphins
3. Detroit Lions 11. New York Jets 19. Las Vegas Raiders 27. Seattle Seahawks
4. New York Giants 12. Las Vegas Raiders 20. Jacksonville Jaguars  28. Baltimore Ravens 
5. Miami Dolphins 13. San Francisco 49ers 21. Philadelphia Eagles 29. Tennessee Titans 
6. LA Chargers 14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 22. Minnesota Vikings 30. Green Bay Packers
7. Carolina Panthers 15. Denver Broncos 23. New England Patriots  31. San Francisco 49ers 
8. Arizona Cardinals  16. Atlanta Falcons  24. New Orleans Saints 32. Kansas City Chiefs 

Check out ESPN for a list of the top 255 picks in 2020.

Can a player refuse their draft pick?

Yes. It is not common however it has happened over the years - like when John Elway refused to play for the Baltimore Colts after being drafted #1 overall in 1984. He said he'd rather quit forever and play baseball, so they ended up trading him to the Denver Broncos.

Who are the top college prospects in the 2020 draft?

According to Jeff Legwold, an ESPN Senior Writer, the players to look out for this year are:

  1. Isaiah Simmons
  2. Chase Young
  3. Joe Burrow
  4. Jeff Okuda
  5. Derrick Brown

NFL 2020 Regular Season

When is the schedule released?

Usually the schedule is released at the end of April, generally a week before the draft. The 2020 NFL schedule, however, will be delayed until "no later than May 9th" due to the global Coronavirus health crisis.

The league is still planning on releasing a full schedule despite rumours of a reduced schedule.

When does NFL regular season start?

The season starts this year Thursday September 10th.

Will there be games in London in 2020?

NFL London has unfortunately been cancelled for the 2020 season. All NFL regular season games will now be played in the USA.

When is the Super Bowl LV?

Super Bowl LV is the finale of the 2020 season, played in the first week of February 2021. Super Bowl Sunday in 2021 will be Sunday, 7th February and the game will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.