10 artists you won’t believe never had a UK no.1 single
Staff writer - February 03, 2020

10 artists you won’t believe never had a UK no.1 single

Sorry, Axl... But it'll take more than that to impress UK music fans
Guns N Roses live on stage

Remember when Aerosmith's ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ was number one? How about’ ‘Say What You Want’ by Texas or ‘Back To Black’ by Amy Winehouse?

If you do… PLOT TWIST! It never happened. And what’s more, those artists have never had a number one hit single in the UK.

Here's a bunch of acts who have consistently missed the top spot on the UK charts...

1. Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s rock anthems might be excused for not being the most popular singles on the more mainstream UK music chart. But with massive ballads like ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ and ‘Crazy’ in their repertoire, you'd think they would have at least come close to a number one at some point in their long career.

But nope, Aerosmith’s highest charting single was the aforementioned song from the ‘Armageddon’ soundtrack, which went to number four (it is their only US number one single).

2. Morrissey

Grumpy crooner Morrissey may be considered a legend in the UK, but that hasn’t got him any closer to the number one spot. The former Smiths frontman has scored a string of number one solo albums, but not one of his singles topped the charts.

His best chart performance was with 2004’s ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’ and 2006’s ‘You Have Killed Me’. The Smiths never had a number one hit either.

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3. Green Day

Green Day enjoyed massive success in the UK after the more poppy sound of their 2000 album ‘Warning’ pushed them into the mainstream. But the punk rockers have never graced to the top of the singles charts.

Three of the band’s albums - including the latest ‘Revolution Radio’ - went to number one, but the closest they came to a number one hit single was their collaboration with U2 ‘The Saints are Coming’, which went to number two in 2006.

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4. Texas

Glaswegians Texas were massive in the 90s. With huge tracks like ‘Black Eyed Boy’, ‘Inner Smile’, ‘In Our Lifetime’ and ‘Summer Son’, it feels like there must have been at time when Texas dominated the UK charts.

But alas, no number one. Texas’ highest charting track was ‘Say What You Want’ at number three.

5. Radiohead

Many consider Radiohead to be the one of the most important bands ever to come out of the UK. They’ve had six number one albums, won four Grammy Awards and were recently nominated to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

But despite all the accolades, not one of the band’s tracks - not even ‘Creep’, ‘No Surprises’ or ‘Karma Police’ - made it to number one. ‘Paranoid Android’ climbed the highest to number three.

6. Björk

Quirky pop songstress Björk may be a bit too out-there to be considered a UK chart contender, but that didn’t stop her from stacking up an impressive 22 top 40 hits over here.

‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ was her best performing single in the charts, which made it to number four.

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7. Muse

British rock band Muse had every one of their last five albums go to number one in the UK, but not one of their singles have enjoyed the same success.

‘Supermassive Black Hole’ was their highest charting track at number four, while classic tracks ‘Plug In Baby’, ‘New Born’ and ‘Starlight’ never even broke the top ten.

8. Foo Fighters

Despite scoring four number one albums in the UK, and massive critical acclaim for their latest record 'Concrete and Gold', the ‘Run’ rockers have yet to secure a chart-topping single.

The band has had four top ten hits in the UK: ‘The Pretender’, ‘Best of You’, ‘All My Life’ and their first ever single ‘This Is a Call’.

9. Guns N’Roses

The Official UK Chart has never been a place for heavy rockers to dominate, hence the diversification into genre charts. But you would have thought the ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ hitmakers - who embarked on a sold-out UK concert tour in 2017 - might have had at least one of their hits top the UK charts.

They were very close with ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’, which was a number two hit (‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ went to number one in the US).

10. Amy Winehouse

Possibly the most shocking addition to this list is that British singer Amy Winehouse never had a number one - not even ‘Back To Black’ or ‘Rehab’ saw the top of the charts, which made it to numbers eight and seven respectively.

However, the album ‘Back To Black’ did go to number one in the UK and several other countries, selling 12 million copies worldwide.

BONUS FACT: Taylor Swift would have made this list before 2017’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ went to number one.

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