10 musicians who fell over onstage
Staff writer - October 03, 2017

10 musicians who fell over onstage

...but kinda styled it out
U2's Bono and The Edge

Music stars sure are cool, huh?

Whether they’re posting ironic Twitter updates or snapping perfect selfies, today’s artists are the pinnacle of composure and flawlessness. Unless of course, they’re landing flat on their faces in front of thousands of people…

Here, we celebrate the performers who, in the face of global humiliation, took that self-esteem sucker punch like a champ.

1. Katy Perry keeps slipping in cake, thinks it’s pretty funny


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Katy Perry is no stranger to live performance gaffes. Like the time she fell bum-first into her fans before they pushed her back onstage.

Or when one of her dancing houses walked right off the stage at the 2017 Brit Awards.

But by far the most amusing incident was after Perry decided to end a performance of ‘I Kissed A Girl’ at MTV’s Latin America Awards by launching herself atop a giant pink cake. The intentionally silly finish to the show, resulted in the singer slipping in the icing she’d spread all over the stage. Multiple times.

But, like the superstar she is, Perry laughed off the incident and crawled away with dignity. Well, she crawled away at least...

2. Madonna gets pulled off steps, walks back up them


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Remember that scene in ‘The Incredibles’ where superhero fashion designer Edna Mode refuses to make super suits with capes because they’re too dangerous?


Well, Madonna didn’t. Attempting a gracious ascension of a set of steps with a great billowing cape trailing behind her was already rolling dice with the devil. But tying the cape tighter around her neck when a dancer was supposed to whip the garment away is just going to get you yanked down some stairs.

Despite falling from quite a height, the singer got right back up and finished the song. What a trooper!

3. Selena Gomez trips, laughs it off


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With a stage full of flamboyant dancers and bouncy balls, this was an accident waiting to happen. However, Selena Gomez managed to negotiate the hazards on all sides of her with graceful elan - it was the step in front of her she hadn’t noticed...

While a lot of singers continue singing as if the audience (and later the Internet) would somehow not notice, the 'Kill Em With Kindness' singer declared the incident with a sense of pride, “First fall of the whole damn tour!”

It seems the star is used to it though, having bounced her way off the stage at a previous show.

She used the opportunity to spend a bit of time greeting fans at ground level.


4. Dave Grohl breaks leg, continues show anyway


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We’ve tried to avoid the more serious falls on this list. Because, you know, people getting genuinely hurt isn’t all that funny.

But due to the sheer rock and roll spirit flowing through his veins, Dave Grohl makes the cut after coming back on stage while paramedics attended to his broken leg.

While playing for fans in Sweden, the Foo Fighters frontman took a spill off the front of the stage and ended up doing some serious damage. But despite telling fans he was on his way to hospital, the hard rocking singer later decided to have roadies carry him back to the stage on a stretcher and just kept on rocking from a chair.

If that’s not rock and roll, we don’t know what is. Kind of puts singers who cancel shows because of a cold into perspective, doesn't it?

5. The Edge walks right off stage, says what everyone was thinking


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Bands are infamous for the kind of onstage antics, crowdsurfing and instrument smashing that’s likely to end in tears. But just wandering right off the stage during a performance is a bit less rock and roll...

U2 guitarist The Edge’s fall is impressive for the fact that there is no stumble or trip, he just calmly walks off the stage like it was the plan all along.

After the incident, the musician Instagramed the pun the whole world felt was inevitable.


"Didn't see the edge, I'm ok!! #U2ieTour

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Ha! Good one.

6. Beyoncé falls down 12 steps, starts headbanging


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Stairs should be one of the last things you would want on stage with a high-heeled pop queen, but they do seem to keep on putting them up there, don’t they?

This time, it was Beyoncé who lost her footing while trying to negotiate some stairs in impractical footwear. The star did appear to hurt herself, but you wouldn’t know it with the way she continued the performance, whipping her hair like she just don’t care.

After the gaffe, the ‘Drunk In Love’ singer asked fans who had filmed it not to upload videos to YouTube.

Yeah... no. They uploaded it straight to YouTube, Beyoncé.

7. Lady Gaga falls off piano stool, acts like it didn’t even happen


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This one definitely gets the award for Most Styled-Out Stage Fall Of All Time. Lady Gaga does what we’re sure her mother has told her not to do a thousand times, she starts climbing on the furniture. In heels.

No sooner had the ‘Love Games’ singer straddled the stool and the piano (which was on fire, by the way), did she tumble and land on her back, narrowly missing a head injury.

But as if it were some kind of staged scene from a Buster Keaton film, the singer just gets up and struts powerfully to the front of the stage. Professional diva level: 1000.

8. Demi Lovato slips by the pool, decides to jump in

Being careful not to fall onstage is especially important when the stage in question happens to be right by a slippery poolside. While performing at KIIS FM’s Cool for the Summer pool party, Demi Lovato lost her footing and went down hard.

Feeling like the damage had already been done, the singer decided the best course of action would be to double down and jump straight into the pool.

What makes this fall all the more special is that the star posted the embarrassing moment to social media herself.

9. Travis Scott falls off stage, sings in the arms of security guard


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While supporting Drake at a 2017 gig in London, Travis Scott wandered right into a hole in the middle of the stage.

While that was quite amusing, it's not the first time the rapper has suffered a live disaster. During a 2016 show, the ‘Goosebumps’ singer slipped off the front of the stage and seemed to have trouble getting up again.

No worries though. Like some sort of parallel universe version of ‘The Bodyguard’, Scott just kept on rapping in the arms of a hunky security guard. He told the crowd, “I probably lost my legs. I don’t give a f**k. Let’s get it!”

10. Iggy Azalea walks backwards off stage, doesn’t stop rapping

It was a bit of walk-backwards-rapping to blame for Iggy Azalea’s pre-VMA show mishap.

While performing her hit track ‘Fancy’, the singer walked right off the stage, but continued the song from the ground anyway.

Ten humility points for sharing the video on her own Instagram account. She wrote, “Sorry but it would be a crime not to share this with you all, I know I laughed. #StillFinishedtheSongTho #KeptOnRapping #TheShowMustGoOn