7 music stars taking a knee against racism
Staff writer - October 05, 2017

7 music stars taking a knee against racism

Stevie Wonder took it a step further...
Eddie Vedder live on stage

After NFL star Colin Kaepernick defied tradition by kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality against black people, musicians have shown solidarity by following suit at live performances...

1 & 2. Stevie Wonder takes two knees with Dave Matthews

Blind music legend Stevie Wonder was helped to the front of the stage by Dave Matthews at the Global Citizen festival in New York to make their protests.

The ‘Part-Time Lover’ singer told the crowd, “I’m taking a knee for America - not just one knee, but both knees in prayer for our planet, our future, and leaders of our world.”

3. Roger Waters praises NFL ‘heroes’

British rock star Roger Waters echoed the sentiments of outraged Americans by taking a knee in front of a large “resist” banner at his show in Boston.

The former Pink Floyd frontman said, “I support my hero Colin Kaepernick and all the fellow heroes in the NFL who stood up for rights and justice and equality.”

In response to criticism from fans about politicising his show, he responded in an interview with CNN, “I find it slightly surprising that anybody could have been listening to my songs for 50 years without understanding.”

4. John Legend posts Instagram #takeaknee protest


#TakeaKnee #DarknessAndLightTour #GLORY

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‘Ordinary People’ singer John Legend took a knee and posted the evidence to his Instagram account.

The star - a vocal human rights activist - said in a column for Slate, “The players’ protests are important. Because of them, almost every day of the week, we talk about racial disparities.

“People across this country are suddenly thinking about what it must feel like to be a person of colour, watch an officer shoot an unarmed man, and walk away with a pension.”

5. Pharrell Williams clears up true meaning of flag

‘Happy’ singer Pharrell Williams used the stage at his Charlottesville concert - the site of a far-right rally that resulted in a fatality - to pledge his allegiance to the flag while showing solidarity with the take a knee movement.

“If I want to get on my knees right now for the people of my city, for the people of my state - that’s what this flag is for,” he said, referencing freedom of speech.

6. Eddie Vedder takes a knee to open show

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder took time out from his solo show at the Pilgrim Music and Culture Festival to let the world know racism has no place in the United States.

Another tweet from Pearl Jam’s Twitter account read, “We support Seahawks' Michael Bennett, Colin Kaepernick and everyone's constitutional right to stand up, sit down or #takeaknee for equality.”

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7. Prophets of Rage tweet #takeaknee photo

Politically-charged supergroup Prophets of Rage were unlikely to pass up an opportunity to stick it to the man, entering the stage wearing Colin Kaepernick's red number seven jersey. Chuck D - formerly of Public Enemy - didn’t mince words when he tweeted himself with the rap rockers kneeling for the cause.

His tweet read simply, “Take A Damn Knee today.”

Other music stars including Ice Cube, Cardi B, John Mayer and Big Sean have also voiced their support of the take a knee protest.

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