10 craziest music conspiracy theories ever
Staff writer - January 15, 2018

10 craziest music conspiracy theories ever

Bet you didn’t know Jay-Z is actually a time-travelling vampire...
Jay-Z time-travelling vampire conspiracy theory photo

Conspiracy theorists don’t only focus their crackpot imaginations on history and politics, you know...

Some have committed serious time to the world’s most beloved music stars, spreading the word across social media, dedicated blogs and even getting their ramblings printed on the side of vans (yep. More below).

Here’s our pick for the 10 craziest music conspiracy theories ever. Or are they...?

1. Paul McCartney is dead

Paul McCartney holding a guitar

Perhaps one of the most famous music conspiracy theories of all time is the one that says Sir Paul McCartney died in a traffic accident in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike.

The theory is “supported” by several clues left by The Beatles in their music. For example, many believe the words “I buried Paul” are spoken by John Lennon at the end of ‘Strawberry Fields’ (Lennon insists he says “cranberry sauce”). And the cover of ‘Abbey Road’ supposedly represents a funeral procession, with “McCartney” playing the role of the deceased (the fact he has no shoes on is apparently evidence of this). Also, holding a mirror up to the drum on the cover of ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ reveals "1 ONE 1 X HE DIE 1 ONE 1."

It seems McCartney sees the funny side though, releasing a concert album in 1993 entitled ‘Paul is Live’ as a joke for the conspiracy theorists.

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2. Avril Lavigne is also dead

Avril Lavigne sitting on a piano

It’s not just former Beatles who get accused of not being alive...

‘SK8R Boi’ singer Avril Lavigne is said to have passed away back in 2003 and was replaced by actress Melissa Vandella.

A Brazilian blog first began to circulate the rumour, which has since been reinforced by tin-foil hatters on Twitter, who claim the current Lavigne has a different face shape than the original and cite’s the singer’s new sound as further proof.

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3. Jay-Z is a time traveller and/or a vampire

Jay-Z is a time travelling vampire

This conspiracy theory hangs on a photograph taken of a man in 1933 that looks like the rap star. To be fair, the person in the image is a dead ringer for the ‘99 Problems’ singer, but striking resemblance just isn’t good enough for the Internet. The only explanation for some is that Jay-Z can either travel through time and/or is a vampire. Seems legit...

There’s also the theory that Nicki Minaj is actually Jay-Z’s vocals sped up. So there’s further evidence of… we don’t know what exactly.

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4. Dr Dre started Burning Man Festival and kept it quiet

Dr Dre conspiracy theory letter that suggests he started burning man

If the letter this conspiracy theory is based on is genuine, this one may actually hold water. This theory is based on a letter the rapper wrote to his now wife Nicole, stating that while filming the music video for ‘California Love’, he stumbled across some “crazy, naked motherf**kers in the desert” building a “giant wood man.”

The letter goes on to say that after speaking to the revellers and discovering that no one was managing the event, he would investigate in order to “get behind this s**t and make some loot off of these fools.”

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5. Taylor Swift is an agent of the illuminati

Taylor Swift performing live

While she’s not the only celebrity to have been accused of being a member of the secret society known as the Illuminati (time-travelling vampire/the real Nicki Minaj/Jay-Z has also been implicated), this particular conspiracy theory revolves around Taylor Swift's obsession with the number 13. The number has strong ties to the Illuminati, with many believing there are 13 families that control the world.

The ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ singer explained her fascination with the number in an interview with MTV, saying, “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first number one song had a 13-second intro. Every time I’ve won an award I’ve been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter.”

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6. Kanye West is the 'Starman' from the David Bowie song

Kanye West performing live

OK, hold on tight. This one is certifiably bonkers...

The idea here is that David Bowie’s mention of a "Starman waiting in the sky", who’d "love to come and meet us but he thinks he’d blow our minds", is actually referring to Kanye West.

Despite not having been born at the time, Internet crazies state that evidence can be found on the cover of Bowie album 'Ziggy Stardust', which shows Bowie standing under a sign that reads, “K. West”. The first track of this album ‘Five Years’ is considered an omen for the coming of West, who was born five years after the album’s release. Throw in Kanye being one of the first to tweet a tribute when Bowie died, and the fact his last album is called ‘Blackstar’ (that one’s quite a reach), and you’ve kind-of-sort-of got something there...

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7. Katy Perry is a 'murdered' child beauty queen

Katy Perry performing live

There's a conspiracy theory that Katy Perry based her persona on a character from Archie Comics (which she has denied) but it’s not quite as deliciously macabre as the idea that the singer is actually JonBenét Ramsey, a child beauty queen who was murdered in 1996.

There’s little evidence of this being true, other than their vague resemblance to one another, but that didn’t stop YouTube ranter Dave Johnson from posting a video rant on the topic (it has since been removed).

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8. Lady Gaga killed Lou Reed

Lady Gaga playing the piano

We all know Lady Gaga is cray cray. But is she murder-Lou-Reed cray cray?

According to the web, Gaga was enraged when Lou Reed was brought on to produce her album ‘ARTPOP’, which she claimed was inspired by his former band Velvet Underground. However, the music icon was not impressed with the record and left the project.

The next logical step to make if you’re sufficiently bananas is that Gaga was so angry about Reed’s dismissal of her work that she murdered him by injecting the singer with a poisonous substance that brought on liver disease. Shyeah... right!

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9. Stevie Wonder isn’t really blind

Perhaps one of the more disrespectful music conspiracy theories on the list, many people insist that the ‘Part-Time Lover’ singer has been faking his blindness the whole time.

Believers of this theory cite a time when Stevie Wonder caught a mic stand that Paul McCartney knocked over (above), clips of the singer “reading” an envelope at an awards ceremony and the fact that he goes to sporting events.

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10. John Lennon was murdered by horror writer Stephen King

John Lennon was murdered by Stephen King conspiracy theorist's van

You know when you feel so strongly that a famous horror writer killed one of the most famous musicians of all time that you need to print it on the side of your van? Yeah… us neither. Steve Lightfoot, however, has no such reservations.

On top of the standard conspiracy theorist blog, Lightfoot took it a step further and had his insane ramblings sprayed all over his van (pictured). This theory is based on a photo of Mark Chapman - the real killer - getting his book signed by Lennon. Lightfoot insists it isn’t Chapman in the photo, but the ‘Carrie’ writer.

That’s it - no further evidence required. Fair enough, he does look a bit like him - just not "respray-your-van" like him...

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Stay tuned to LineUp for more crazy music conspiracy theories.