Muse UK tour 2019 and new album 'Simulation Theory'
Staff writer - November 08, 2018

Muse UK tour 2019 and new album 'Simulation Theory'

UK rockers announce cities and dates for UK and Europe tour 2019

Muse have officially announced their 2019 UK tour - and it includes one concert this year!

Here’s everything we know about the Muse UK tour 2019 - as well as details of new album 'Simulation Theory', due for release in November this year.

Muse UK tour 2019 - dates and cities


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After much speculation, Muse have finally revealed when and where they'll be performing on their 2019 UK tour.

The 'Plug In Baby' hitmakers promised fans early access to tickets by pre-ordering new album 'Simulation Theory' in a tweet on September 27.

UK, Europe and North American cities were announced - along with the video for new single 'Pressure', starring 'Brooklyn 99' actor Terry Crews.

But now we know specific dates for Muse's UK and Europe concerts in 2019 (and one in 2018):

  • London, Royal Albert Hall (UK) - December 3, 2018 (benefit show)
  • London Stadium (UK) - June 1, 2019
  • Manchester, Etihad Stadium - June 8, 2019

The Brit rockers have also announced several Europe and US dates.


Muse have also said "more cities will be announced".

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In an interview with Absolute Radio, lead singer Matt Bellamy told UK fans they'd have to wait until 2019 to see what Muse are planning for their next concerts.

He told host Dave Berry, “We’re not touring yet for a while, we’re only doing like four shows this year to keep ourselves energised whilst making the album, but they’re not in the UK unfortunately, they’re in other places.

"Next year we’re gonna come to the UK. We’ve got some cool, crazy ideas.”

Muse never seem to get tired of touring. The ‘Drones World Tour’ was the band’s ninth world tour and raked in $23 million (£17.4 million). 

Bellamy also revealed the band's plans to tour at some point during a backstage interview at the VO5 NME Awards.

He said, “We’re going to do the biggest tour and just blow people’s minds with stuff they’ve never seen before.

“We’re always interested in the latest technology and what’s cutting edge, so we’re always thinking of the new thing that nobody’s ever used before in a concert. And we found something and we’re going to use that.”

UK fans who can't wait for the 2019 Muse tour can still get their fix of the rockers with the 'Drones World Tour' concert film, which was released in cinemas on July 12.

The concert film features live performances from Muse's 2016 tour, with special effects added to enhance the experience.

Bellamy said of the new 'Drones' film, "The symbiosis between humanity and technology has always been something I am interested by.

"Drones just seem to be a very interesting modern metaphor for what that represents…You want to leave people with the idea that they ask the question themselves about the role of technology in our lives and whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

Muse new album 'Simulation Theory': what we know so far


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'Simulation Theory' - Muse's eighth studio album - is due for release on November 9.

The band announced the album title and 80s-sci-fi cover artwork by Kyle Lambert through social media.

Coinciding with the album reveal comes new single 'The Dark Side'.

On the same day as the 2019 tour announcement, Muse also released a new video for 'Pressure' featuring Hollywood hardman Terry Crews.

Lead singer Matt Bellamy confirmed there would be a new Muse album in 2018 in an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio.

We later saw more concrete proof of the new album when the band posted photos of themselves in the studio on the Muse official Instagram account.


Chris in the zone.

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Laying down some bass.

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The first song to be released from Muse's new album is ‘Dig Down’.

Bellamy said he felt inspired to write the song as an early preview to 'Simulation Theory' due to the political climate at the time.

In an interview with Radio X, Bellamy revealed the band would be releasing more singles far in advance of the new 2018 album.

He said: “The good thing is we’re gonna put out songs like 'Dig Down' ahead of the album.

“We’re going to put out at least another three songs - or even more... People are going to see into the creative process as we’re writing and recording the songs, and we’re going to put them out quite soon after."

The album is likely to be similar in tone to ‘Drones’ as the band have expressed a desire to move away from the electronic sound of previous records and return to their rock roots.

Muse also released single 'Thoughtback Contagion' ahead of the new album.

The band teased the upcoming track at the VO5 NME Awards where they won Best Festival Headliner.

Frontman Matt Bellamy told NME discussed new video's 80s look.

He said, “We’re getting into blending genres and eras together, both in the styles and in the music.

“It’s an arena sound and synths. There’s a couple of synths in it. It’s a pretty epic and anthemic track."

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