10 Supermassive Muse facts that’ll leave you Feeling Good
Staff writer - August 21, 2018

10 Supermassive Muse facts that’ll leave you Feeling Good

Can someone please make #LetMuseHaveJetpacks happen?
Muse sitting on a curb

We need our Muse fix - and considering the band isn’t set to tour the UK until 2019, we had to take matters into our own hands.

So we decided to Dig Down into the Interwebs and managed to pull out a few Muse gems. 

These alien-baby-fearing, guitar-lobbing, Celine-Dion-bothering Muse facts should keep you going until the new album and tour are released. Enjoy!

1. Matt Bellamy holds a Guinness World Record for being a bit of a nightmare


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With five out of their seven studio albums going straight to number one in the UK, you’d think Muse would surely be guaranteed a spot in the famed Guiness Book Records for their musical accomplishments.

However, it’s lead singer Matt Bellamy’s destructive tendencies that landed the group the accolade of Most Guitars Smashed on a Tour - with an impressive 140 axes neutralised.

Drummer Dom Howard has apparently suffered at the hands of Bellamy’s guitar-launching antics, having been injured by them on three separate occasions.

2. Muse have jetpacks but are NOT allowed to use them


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It would seem Bellamy spent his early days of making the big bucks building up a collection of toys like some kind of guitar-weilding Batman. One of said extravagances was a paramotor, a sort of jetpack/parachute thing.

Bellamy said, “You attach it to your back and zoom through the air. I’ve nearly got my licence now. You can go up to 10,000 ft if you’ve got enough oxygen.”

Muse had planned to fly onto the stage of their 2007 UK concerts on jetpacks, but some pesky health and safety regulations put a stop to it. This must change before the Muse 2019 UK tour. #LetMuseHaveJetpacks

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3. The band used to bring a mystery break dancer out on stage 

Muse are famous for their spectacular live shows, which have featured huge inflatable spheres and actual drones flying over the audience.

But before they were putting on multi-million pound productions, Muse would treat their fans to a performance from a mysterious break dancer (who turned out to be their tour manager, Glen).

Blink and you’ll miss him at 4.30.

4. Muse once considered legal action... against Celine Dion!

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Muse likely started out their 2002 with little concern for what Celine Dion was up to... That was, until she presented the group with a Titanic problem.

The ‘My Heart Will Go On’ singer hit a bum note in the band’s eyes when she revealed plans to name her Las Vegas show ‘Muse’.

"We don’t want to turn up there with people thinking we’re Celine Dion’s backing band," said the band at the time.

Dion had apparently offered £32,000 for the right to use the name, but Muse weren’t having any of it. The band considered suing after Dion’s management said they were going to go ahead and use the name anyway. But the matter was eventually dropped and Dion went with a different title, avoiding a potentially costly legal iceberg.

5. Bellamy is not OK with you listening to him sing


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Lead singer Bellamy has got one of the most impressive voices in rock music, boasting a wide tenor range and distinctive sound.

But the vocalist insists on absolute privacy when he’s laying down his voice for new tracks. Only the record producer is allowed in the studio with him.

Even the rest of the band are forbidden from listening in.

6. The band were late to Reading Festival because Bellamy lost his belt


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Bands that run over their allocated slot at Reading Festival face a £1,000-per-minute fine.

So the band were understandably sweating a bit when Bellamy made them arrive to the stage several minutes late… because he lost his lucky belt.

The elephant-themed accessory was apparently a gift from a fan and he couldn’t go on without it. Aw...

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7. Spider-Man occasionally spins drum solos for Muse


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Well, not the actual Spider-Man…

But Muse drummer Dom Howard enjoys a bit of cosplay on stage and has performed entire gigs dressed as the webslinger.

He’s done a few as Gandalf as well..

8. Muse weren’t quite themselves when recording one of their biggest hits


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Remember the first time you heard ‘Plug In Baby’? You probably wondered what kind of otherworldly production tricks were used to create such an incredibly epic sounding track, right?
Bellamy confessed, "We were all off our faces on mushrooms when we recorded 'Plug In Baby'."

Ah… Well, there you have it.

9. Bellamy would rather not give birth to an alien baby


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Bellamy has said if he could choose, he’d prefer death by drowning after his mother had a near-death experience and insisted it would be a calming way to go.

So while drowning doesn’t bother the rock star, there is something that gives him the chills.

He said, “Being impregnated by an alien and giving birth. It'd be awful to give birth to a freak so you'd have to hide it away from everyone but still bring it up as your own."

10. A scuba diver ‘tried to kill’ Bellamy to get with his girlfriend


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Being the man of action that he is, Bellamy enjoys a bit of scuba diving.

But his love for the activity was quickly choked out when he realised his oxygen tank has only been half filled.

The singer reckons it was a ploy by the instructor to get him out of the picture so he could make a move on his girlfriend.

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