WATCH: Michael McIntyre’s funniest moments ever
Staff writer - May 18, 2018

WATCH: Michael McIntyre’s funniest moments ever

Here's why fans are desperate for tickets to his UK tour
Michael McIntyre wearing glasses

Funnyman Michael McIntyre has begun his EPIC world tour 2018 and has audiences rolling in the aisles across an incredible 63 dates in the UK and Ireland.

To celebrate Michael McIntyre’s ‘Big World Tour’, we’ve had a look through his hilarious comedy career for some of the his funniest videos.

1. Michael McIntrye on names with different spellings

“What a waste of life!”

Ever wondered how much easier life would be if people with names that have alternate spellings would just pronounce them correctly?

Michael McIntyre imagines the ensuing mayhem if you were to invite Sarah, Sara, Stuart, Stewart, Geoff, Jeff, Jill, Gill, Steven, Stephen, Shawn, Shaun and Sean to a party...

2. Andy Murray gets woken up by Michael McIntyre

“It’s Daddy Pig!”

Athletes in peak physical condition need their rest and the only thing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night is being woken up in the middle of the night by Michael McIntyre and a string of celebrity guests.

The comedian bombards Scottish tennis star Andy Murray with an onslaught of weird challenges to raise £5000 for Sport Relief.

3. Michael McIntyre winds Danny Dyer right up

“You can’t mug off the Queen!”

As part of his BBC One show, Michael McIntyre has a habit of kidnapping the phones of his celebrity guests and texting all their contacts a silly message.

But the bit has never gone quite as well as when he got hold of ‘EastEnders’ actor Danny Dyer’s blower... 

4. Michael McIntyre on public transport

“Why doesn’t one person just read it to the carriage?”

Have you ever been the person trying to get onto a packed train during rush hour? Michael McIntyre recounts the tale of a fellow commuter’s ambitious attempt to make it home in time for tea...

5. Michael McIntyre on football hooliganism

“Me! And you!”

Football matches can be a scary place for a mild-mannered man like Michael McIntyre. Watch the comedian tell the tale of a fight between a couple of hooligans that got a bit out of hand grammatically...

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6. Michael McIntyre on five-spice 

“I’m not just one spice…”

Most people have got a fairly decent supply of dried herbs and spices in the kitchen cupboard, but how many of them do you actually use? Michael McIntyre suggests there may be a tragic tale behind the secret life of the spice rack...

7. Michael McIntyre on Google Earth and modern technology

“Leave the kids. They’re fine in the bath.”

If you had access to satellite images that could show you a clear picture of anywhere in the world, what would you use it for? Michael McIntyre is pretty sure he knows...

8. Michael McIntyre threatens his own children

"Close your eyes!"

Family man Michael McIntyre might be one of the most successful British comedians of all time, packing out arenas on his 2018 world tour - but he still has the same problems putting his kids to bed as any other parent...

9. Michael McIntyre on the England team’s efforts

“It reminded me of when you play FIFA on PlayStation, but you don’t yet know the controls.”

When you’ve got an England footballer in the audience, it’d be daft not to poke fun at our nation’s inability to bring home a World Cup trophy since 1966. But you might not have the guts to lay into him quite as much as Michael McIntyre... 

10. Michael McIntyre vs revolving doors

“Get out of my segment!”

The revolving door has not proved itself as an invention that's made life easier for those of us who like to enter a building in a simple manner - and Michael McIntyre finds it more of an ordeal than anyone.

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Wipe away the tears of laughter and get yourself a ticket to Michael McIntyre’s World Tour 2018! Here’s a complete list of UK and Ireland dates:

  • Leeds, First Direct Arena (UK) - May 18
  • Leeds, First Direct Arena (UK) - May 19
  • Brighton Centre (UK) - May 25
  • Brighton Centre (UK) - May 26
  • Brighton Centre (UK) - May 27
  • Brighton Centre (UK) - May 28
  • Brighton Centre (UK) - May 29
  • Brighton Centre (UK) - May 30
  • Belfast, SSE Arena (UK) - June 1
  • Belfast, SSE Arena (UK) - June 2
  • Dublin, 3Arena (Ireland) - June 7
  • Dublin, 3Arena (Ireland) - June 8
  • Dublin, 3Arena (Ireland) - June 9
  • Dublin, 3Arena (Ireland) - June 10
  • Aberdeen, BHGE Arena (UK) - June 12
  • Aberdeen, BHGE Arena (UK) - June 13
  • Glasgow, SSE Hydro (UK) - June 14
  • Glasgow, SSE Hydro (UK) - June 15
  • Glasgow, SSE Hydro (UK) - June 16
  • Sheffield, FlyDSA Arena (UK) - June 23
  • Plymouth Pavilions (UK) - September 4
  • Plymouth Pavilions (UK) - September 5
  • London, The O2 (UK) - October 5
  • London, The O2 (UK) - October 6
  • London, The O2 (UK) - October 7
  • London, The O2 (UK) - October 11
  • London, The O2 (UK) - October 12
  • London, The O2 (UK) - October 13
  • London, The O2 (UK) - October 14
  • London, SSE Arena, Wembley (UK) - November 9
  • London, SSE Arena, Wembley (UK) - November 10
  • London, SSE Arena, Wembley (UK) - November 11

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