8 concert marriage proposals you’ll wish you’d been there for
Staff writer - August 17, 2018

8 concert marriage proposals you’ll wish you’d been there for

We’re not crying… you’re crying!
Couple at a concert

When you’re getting down on one knee, the mood just has to be perfect.

So could there be a more opportunity to pop the question than at the concert of your favourite artist?

Here’s 8 marriage proposals at concerts you’ll do very well to hold back the tears from...

1. Harry Styles makes magic moment happen at 1D concert

One Direction fans are already pretty emotional simple by being there at a One Direction concert.

But imagine the audience’s reaction when Harry Styles directs the camera to a man in the audience ready to pull out a jewellery box...

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2. Taylor Swift ends up as third wheel at her own show


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During the meet-and-greet at her Philadelphia concert, Taylor Swift found herself in a bit of an awkward position when one Swiftie - who met his beloved at one of Tay’s concerts years earlier - dropped to one knee right in front of her.

Needless to say, the ‘Love Story’ singer didn’t quite know where to put herself.

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3. Choreographer ‘puts a ring on it’ at Beyoncé concert

This unsuspecting marriage proposee wasn’t in the audience at this Beyoncé concert - she was on the stage!

Backing dancer Ashley Everett thought it was just a regular day at work until Queen B halted their performance of 'Single Ladies' to welcome the show’s choreographer to the stage.

After the drama settles down, Everett somehow manages to compose herself enough to complete the routine - only now with an actual ‘ring on it’.

4. Kylie Minogue gives up the stage for Ben and Scott

It’s no secret the Kylie Minogue has a huge gay following - so what better venue for a couple of guys to get engaged than right there on stage with her.

Here, Ben declares his love for Scott in front of a huge Australian audience, his mum and the ‘Spinning Around’ hitmaker herself.

It’s not entirely clear why Ben is dressed as a rooster for the occasion, but it certainly adds a bit of flair to the big moment.

5. Macklemore pauses gay rights song for emotional proposal

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ 2012 track ‘Same Love’ was adopted as an unofficial anthem for gay rights and the movement to legalise same-sex marriage.

Fitting then that Danielle would tell the world how much Michelle means to her with the song as the soundtrack.


6. Paul McCartney removes condition preventing nuptials

There are many perfectly valid reasons a person might have for not wanting to get married. But not having met Paul McCartney is the best one we’ve ever heard.

John from Rochester, New York, commandeered the former Beatle’s spotlight to sing classic track ‘When I’m Sixty Four’ to Claudia.

Now all that’s left is to get Paul to sign on to play the wedding.

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7. John Legend serenades couple during on-stage proposal

This clip’s a bit on the long-side as it starts with a complete rendition of ‘All Of Me’ by the singer-songwriter - but stick with it.

As Legend wraps up the tune, he invites a couple of fans on stage for a big proposal - and carries on playing the piano in the background!

They certainly got their money’s worth!

8. Kesha blindfolds couple for proposal ruse

Most performing artists on this list prefer to take a step to the side during mid-concert proposals, but Kesha has something special planned.

Tricking Navid into think he and boyfriend Joey were contest winners, she blindfolds the pair - but Navid doesn’t realise he’s the only one who keeps his on...

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