INTERVIEW: DJ Mark Jenkyns talks festivals and food ahead of summer gigs
Staff writer - May 17, 2018

INTERVIEW: DJ Mark Jenkyns talks festivals and food ahead of summer gigs

PLUS! His surprising recommendation for a song that'll brighten your day
DJ Mark Jenkyns

Long-time Ibiza resident DJ Mark Jenkyns is bringing some serious house beats (and hopefully a bit of Spanish sun) to London for TWO massive festivals this summer.

The British turntablist's new track 'Soulfood' is already tearing up the dancefloor and is set to drive festival goers wild when he drops it at Eastern Electrics and Creamfields in August.

We caught up with Mark to chat about how you know when you've found the right job for you, his go-to food for mind, body and soul, and wearing a wizard outfit on stage (still not 100% if he's joking. We really hope he's not joking...)

Eastern Electrics 2018 is looking pretty tasty this year, right? Got something special up your sleeve?

Aye, I’ve got a wizard outfit especially for the occasion!

I’ve sometimes thought about having some big surprise track in past sets but to be honest, you just ride the vibe and see where the crowd takes you, so you can’t really pre-plan these things.

So, no – nothing special, just get there, check the crowd and vibe, and go from there...

Do you still get that buzz when you step up to the decks for a big festival set?

I get tingles and excitement from every gig really as you never know what you’re going into – that’s what makes you know this is the right job for you, and once that goes then maybe you’re in the wrong career.

But I know that Eastern Electrics is a biggie so yeah, a little excited is an understatement!

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You’re obviously a massive fan of performing in the sunkist DJ paradise that is Ibiza. What’s the appeal of foggy, old London? ;-)

Yeah, I love it there. I've lived over in Ibiza before and it's played a big part in my career so far. You mentioned 'Paradise' which is where, of course, I have had a summer residency for the last five years at the best club in the world, DC10! I have eight club shows and a few unannounced gigs across the island this summer.

And I'll be bringing a touch of Ibiza back to London, I love playing there too – it was my second home for a long time so it’s always great to go back. I always feel like I have a good connection with the crowd and I’m always well received – I get what they’re into which I think is important.

Reckon you’ll have time to have a mooch around Eastern Electrics when you’re not on stage? Who are you excited to see?

Who doesn’t love a good mooch?! I always like to have a mooch about to see what else is happening at festivals – it’s also a good way to go check out the many food stalls as I love to munch.


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Tell us about an artist you’ve been listening to recently that people probably wouldn’t expect.

An artist that people probably won’t expect is Joseph Edmund! He is making absolute bangers and has just got a really decent release under his belt (announcement soon, so to speak).

I have about 25 of his tunes and they’re all mint. I suspect this time next year he will be a household name. Watch this space...

We’ve woken up in a bit of a stroppy mood. What track should we stick on to turn it around?


It worked! What’s something you do in your spare time that might surprise people?

OK, so unless you know me, this might surprise some people, but I’m fascinated by the whole concept of micro-dosing psychedelics!

I’ve always been interested in alternative medicine and therapies; if you do it properly, it’s supposed to keep your brain intact and help when things get a little on top of you.

There’s so much research out there about how these chemicals can help you, it’s definitely something you should read up on.

Changing the tone somewhat, the electronic music world just suffered a devastating blow with the passing of Avicii. How will you remember him?

I will remember Avicii as someone who touched millions of people with his talent and inspired a generation!

It also highlights the pressures of fame and fortune, and the importance of keeping the right company and surrounding yourself with good people.

You’ve just released ‘Soulfood’ ft. Mizbee. Tell us what is was about her voice and style that first caught your attention.


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Not her again!!!! :) Nah, I love her to bits as a vocalist and my friend, but the two things that stand out are that first and foremost, she loves what she does and the music she writes.

Secondly, her voice is rather good innit :)

Finally, what’s your go-to dish when you need something for your mind, body and soul?

Vanilla ice cream and a touch of honey.

Get a taste of Mark Jenkyns at Eastern Electrics and Creamfields this summer.