Loyle Carner announces Not Waving, But Drowning UK and Ireland tour
Philip Mak - August 13, 2019

Loyle Carner announces Not Waving, But Drowning UK and Ireland tour

Don’t miss your chance to see the London rapper in Autumn 2019
Loyle Carner Tour

Loyle Carner has announced that he will be going on a 13-date UK and Ireland tour in Autumn 2019, including shows in London, Manchester, Glasgow and more.

The British hip-hop rapper released his second record, Not Waving, But Drowning, which debuted on 19 April at No. 1 on the UK R&B Albums chart and No. 3 on the UK Albums Chart.

Carner developed a devoted British fanbase with his critically acclaimed first album, 2017’s Mercury-nominated Yesterday’s Gone — not only for what he raps on his tracks, but also for his openness in sharing about his ADHD, feelings and mental health in the media. The South London MC’s latest record started with the intimate way he told his mum he was moving out. 

He tells NME: “Writing [‘Dear Jean’] was something I just had to get out of me — it wasn’t meant for the album, it was just for mum. I was going to send it to her because she was quite cut up about me moving away and I was cut out about it too. So I was just gonna send the song to her to say ‘hope you’re OK’.”


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Later in the interview, he says, “I think it’s having an emotional intelligence that freaks people out. And so they say, ‘he’s weak, he’s super-sensitive, he’s kind of soft’, or whatever. You know, I am quite sensitive. I am quite soft. And that comes across in my music, but I think the best way to describe that is ’emotionally mature’ or ’emotionally intelligent’.”

Compared to the bling and bullets (read: toxic masculinity) stereotypically associated with hip-hop, Carner is joining a rising generation of artists like Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper who are changing the tune on the musical style. This summer, he’s been promoting his new album Not Waving, But Drowning by making the UK festival circuit, including a recent performance at Latitude Festival 2019. 

Getting all the feels just thinking about Loyle Carner’s 2019 UK and Ireland tour? Keeping scrolling to see everything you need to know before you go, and get tickets below.

Be there: Loyle Carner 2019 UK tour

Fast facts

  • Hometown: Lambeth, South London 
  • Real name: Benjamin Gerard Coyle-Larner
  • Number of studio albums: 2 released
  • Musical style: Hip-hop
  • Most famous singles: “Damselfly”, “Ottolenghi”, “Ain’t Nothing Changed”, “No CD” 

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What are Loyle Carner's 2019 tour dates?

Loyle Carner will be performing at 13 venues across the UK and Ireland, starting in Dublin on 29 October and wrapping up in the rapper’s hometown of London on 15 November. 

Loyle Carner 2019 UK and Ireland tour dates:

  • 29 October — Vicar Street, Dublin
  • 30 October — SWG3, Glasgow
  • 31 October — Newcastle O2 Academy, Newcastle
  • 2 November — O2 Academy Leeds, Leeds
  • 3 November — O2 Academy Liverpool, Liverpool
  • 5 November — Y Plas, Cardiff
  • 6 November — Manchester Academy, Manchester
  • 8 November — Brighton Dome, Brighton 
  • 9 November — O2 Institute, Birmingham 
  • 11 November — Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge 
  • 12 November — Nottingham Rock City, Nottingham 
  • 13 November — Great Hall, Exeter 
  • 15 November — Alexandra Palace, London

What is the Not Waving, But Drowning tracklist?

Loyle Carner’s second album, Not Waving, But Drowning, was released on 19 April 2019 and includes 15 tracks, with guest appearances by Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei, Rebel Kleff, Kiko Bun, Sampha, Jorja Smith and the rappers own mother, Jean Coyle-Larner. 

Not Waving, But Drowning tracklist:

  1. “Dear Jean”
  2. “Angel” ft. Tom Misch
  3. “Ice Water”
  4. “Ottolenghi” ft. Jordan Rakei
  5. “You Don't Know” ft. Rebel Kleff and Kiko Bun
  6. “Still”
  7. “It's Coming Home?”
  8. “Desoleil (Brilliant Corners)” ft. Sampha
  9. “Loose Ends” ft. Jorja Smith
  10. “Not Waving But Drowning”
  11. “Krispy”
  12. “Sail Away (Freestyle)”
  13. “Looking Back”
  14. “Carluccio”
  15. “Dear Ben” ft. Jean Coyle-Larner

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What is Loyle Carner’s real name?

Carner’s birth name is Benjamin Gerard Coyle-Larner; he created his stage-name as a spoonerism, which is a wink to his dyslexia. He doubtlessly gets his uniquely attractive looks —he covered GQ’s first digital issue— from his mixed ethnicity. 

His late biological father was of Guyanese descent and his mother is of Scottish heritage. His stepfather Nik used to perform as the musician Steven Vengeance and he also has a stepbrother, Ryan. He was born in South London and grew up in Croydon.

Where does the title Not Waving, But Drowning come from?

In an interview with The Guardian, Carner explains that his second album’s title comes from Stevie Smith’s 1957 poem “Not Waving But Drowning”, about a man who died because those around him thought he was just having a laugh in the water. 

“I see myself in it,” Carner says in The Guardian article. “Because I’ve had some small success, moderate, tiny success on the grand scale of success, but enough that people think I’m going, ‘Look at me in my new house with my beautiful girlfriend’. And, sometimes, especially when the album process was beginning, I was drowning! And everyone thought I was hanging out.”

Who is Loyle Carner’s girlfriend?

Carner has mentioned in numerous interviews that his girlfriend is a teacher, just like his mum. While the trappings and rewards of fame and success are seductive to many in the entertainment industry, it doesn’t seem to be the case for him.

He tells The Independent: “I mean, I’ve been on tour. If your music starts to take off there will be a lot of girls who want to sleep with you and a lot of boys who want to hang out and give you drugs. There will be a lot of boys who want to sleep with you and girls who give you drugs. So you can do that. Or you can take that little bit of cash you’ve made and invest in having a real life. I focus on the fact I’ve managed to help my family, I’ve got a girlfriend who loves me, I’m thinking about getting a dog. These things are so wicked to me. These things have been my dreams since I was a kid. Why would I mess that up?”