10 top maddest (and funniest) Liam Gallagher tweets
Staff writer - January 12, 2018

10 top maddest (and funniest) Liam Gallagher tweets

No one trolls Noel Gallagher like Liam Gallagher... (contains the odd swear. Sorry!)
Liam Gallagher funny tweets

You’ve got to give Liam Gallagher credit for his dedication to his Twitter following.

The former Oasis frontman is very much behind the wheel of his own social media account - unlike other celebs who hire a PR team to run it for them - and is more than willing to offer up his unique perspective on the world.

However, Liam - who will tour the UK in 2018 - has a habit of insulting anyone and everyone (especially his brother Noel Gallagher), being rather foul-mouthed and generally spouting whatever happens to be on his mind at any given time.

Here are the 10 top maddest (and funniest) Liam Gallagher tweets ever...

1. Liam lavishes praise on the Help Fish (?!)

2. Liam’s unexpected way of having a pop at Noel

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3. Liam loves Justin?

4. Liam Gallagher: sauce connoisseur

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5. Liam tweets a Katrina & the Waves cover

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6. Liam Gallagher reviews Kayne West in four words

7. Liam confuses Noel for a vegetable

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8. Liam Gallagher after an NYE Champagne Supernova?

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9. Liam throwing shapes on Twitter

10. Wait... What?

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