Last-minute Christmas presents you don't need to wrap
Staff writer - December 19, 2017

Last-minute Christmas presents you don't need to wrap

Just print and slip in a card... sorted!
Last-minute Christmas presents you don't need to wrap

You do this every year!

But how about you give the mad dash around the petrol station a miss this time round and just go directly to Christmas hero status?

Here’s a few ideas for last-minute Christmas presents you can sort out in a few clicks, don’t need to waste time wrapping and will make you look AWESOME.

1. Get them Liam Gallagher tickets


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Love him or hate him, you can’t argue that the lairiest Gallagher brother’s new album 'As You Were' is pretty damn good. So you know you can’t go wrong with a pair of tickets to see the former Oasis frontman at one of his many shows in the UK in 2018.

But considering this is a present for someone you completely forgot about, it's safe to say they're not at the top of the list and you might not want to spend that much on them. Well, for one, you're not really in a position to save money at this point, are you? And two, you get the other ticket - it's a gift for you really...

2. Take them to The Book of Mormon

Hailed as one of the most hilarious musicals of all time, ‘South Park’ creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s show is consistently blowing audiences away in its London run. There is literally no one who has seen the controversial production and not walked away wiping tears of laughter from their eyes. Even Mormons think it’s pretty funny.

Buying tickets to ‘The Book of Mormon’ is a sure-fire way to finish the Christmas shopping with a bang and ensure they won't pretend they're out when you ring the doorbell.

3. See Giants Live: Britain’s Strongest Man together

Not really into music? Or theatre? Or sports? Man, you’ve got quite a difficult one there... Do you reckon they’d be up for watching a bunch of beefcakes literally lifting trucks off the ground? Of course they would, they’re not dead inside!

Britain’s Strongest Man takes place in January 2018, while you can catch Europe’s Strongest Man in April.

Last minute Christmas presents

4. Buy them Lady Gaga tickets


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It was on. Then it was off. Now it is most definitely back on! Mother Monster has reconfirmed her UK shows in 2018 after she was forced to cancel due to illness. The ‘Bad Romance’ singer is promoting her latest album ‘Joanne’ and reviews from the US leg of her world tour are overwhelmingly positive.

Print the tickets. Say you only got them a card. See how long you can maintain your Poker Face...

5. Catch an NBA game in London with them


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So you dropped the ball by forgetting to buy a Christmas present - but watch us set you up for the alley-oop! NBA is coming to London and this is your chance to impress the sports fan in your life who wasn’t important enough to remember in the first place.

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