WATCH: Kevin Hart's funniest moments
Staff writer - April 12, 2018

WATCH: Kevin Hart's funniest moments

No one but Kevin Hart would have the stones to call The Rock THAT to his face!
Kevin Hart wearing glasses

American comedian and movie star Kevin Hart is bringing his energetic stand up set over here for a UK tour (dates in Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and London’s The O2).

As if you needed reminding how hilarious he is, we’ve put together 10 of the funniest Kevin Hart moments ever while you wait to see him live in the UK.

WARNING: Some videos contain strong language


1. Kevin Hart, Conan O’Brien and Ice Cube share a Lyft

To promote the comedy film ‘Ride Along’, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube joined Conan O’Brien for a drive around Hollywood.

The comedy trio poke fun at each other as they stop off for some drinks and snacks, bust some rhymes, order at a drive-through restaurant and manage to get a woman’s phone number for poor Anthony the Lyft driver.

2. Kevin Hart explains his unique parenting style

Kevin talks about witnessing his father getting knocked out, does a hilarious impression of his son’s temper tantrums and confesses how easily his daughter manipulates him.

3. Animals vs Kevin Hart

Despite being the star of 2017 comedy 'Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle', Kevin Hart does not seem to make friends easily within the animal kingdom.

In this set, the comedian admits to crying in fear of a pissed-off ostrich AND a racist dolphin.

4. Kevin Hart calls Will Ferrell out for being cheap

Kevin Hart tends to have great off-screen relationships with his fellow actors, and that goes double for ‘Get Hard’ costar Will Ferrell.

In this clip from his appearance on Conan O'Brien, Kevin lays into Will for not spending money, having an old phone and dressing badly.

5. Michael Jordan does not think Kevin Hart is funny

They say you should never meet your heroes...

Kevin tells Jimmy Kimmel the story of when he met Michael Jordan at a charity event and made fun of him in front of a live audience… but it didn’t go down so well.

6. Kevin challenges The Rock to a lip reading challenge

Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s chemistry is undeniable - and in this promo for comedy film ‘Central Intelligence’, it just gets better and better.

You’ve got to see this funny video through to the “Kevin is a sexual salad tosser” bit. Classic!

7. Jimmy Fallon makes Kevin Hart go on a rollercoaster...

You’ve never seen a man overreact on a rollercoaster until you’ve seen Kevin Hart overreact on a rollercoaster.

Watch as Kevin screams in terror on this hair-raising ride at Universal Orlando Resort.

8. ...then they go into a haunted house together

If you thought Kevin lost it on the rollercoaster, wait until you see what happens in the haunted house... He does not handle the bit in the dark well at all.

9. Kevin Hart recounts his first time swimming with his dad

Kevin Hart’s ‘Laugh At My Pain’ comedy special is one of the highlights of his career, and this bit about going swimming with his dad will have you in stitches.

10. Kevin Hart calls The Rock a ‘titty head’

We’ll finish up with another Kevin Hart/Dwayne Johnson team up. Not many people would have the stones to throw insults at the most most muscular man in Hollywood, but Kevin Hart isn’t just anyone...

Funny right? Then you’d best catch the Kevin Hart UK tour 2018 this August/September!

Here’s the complete list of UK and Ireland tour dates for Kevin Hart’s ‘Irresponsible Tour:’

  • Dublin, 3Arena (Ireland) - August 21
  • Glasgow, The SSE Hydro (UK) - August 28
  • Birmingham Arena (UK) - August 30
  • Manchester Arena (UK) - August 31
  • London, The O2 Arena (UK) - September 1
  • London, The O2 Arena (UK) - September 2
  • London, The O2 Arena (UK) - September 3

Want to see Kevin Hart live? You might also want to go to Michael McIntyre and Kevin Bridges, who are both touring in the UK this year as well.

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Stay tuned to LineUp for more highlights from your favourite comedians on tour in the UK.