Jamiroquai tour 2017 - everything you need to know
Staff writer - November 02, 2017

Jamiroquai tour 2017 - everything you need to know

UK gigs back on after Jay Kay makes speedy recovery
Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay

Despite having to reschedule his London appearances due to health problems, space cowboy Jay Kay has returned with Jamiroquai to bring their inimitable funk stylings to every corner of the earth.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jamiroquai’s tour in 2017, including UK and Europe dates and venues.

Jamiroquai tour - cities and dates

The ‘Cosmic Girl’ hitmakers announced a series of 2017 festival appearances in Europe and Asia way back in January when news dropped of their new album ‘Automaton’.

After performing several gigs - including London’s the Roundhouse -  tragedy struck when lead singer Jay Kay revealed he was suffering from serious spine problems, prompting the band to reschedule their London gigs until later in December.

But the flamboyant star is back on his feet ready to release his own special brand of canned heat upon the world.

Here’s the full list of cities and dates for Jamiroquai’s tour in 2017, including UK dates.

  • Manchester (UK), November 2
  • Birmingham (UK), November 4
  • Düsseldorf (Germany), November 7
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands), November 8
  • Antwerp (Belgium), November 11
  • Berlin (Germany), November 13
  • Vienna (Austria), November 15
  • Munich (Germany), November 16
  • Zurich (Switzerland), November 18
  • Milan (Italy), November 20
  • Toulouse (France), November 22
  • Madrid (Spain), November 25
  • Nantes (France), November 27
  • Paris (France), November 29
  • London (UK), December 3 & 6

Jamiroquai’s 2017 gigs have been praised by critics so far, with the 10-piece band playing new songs from ‘Automaton’, as well as classic tracks dating back to the 90s.

Here’s the average setlist from Jamiroquai’s 2017 shows and likely what we can expect from the band’s upcoming performances.

  1. Shake It On
  2. Little L
  3. Automaton
  4. The Kids
  5. Dr Buzz
  6. Space Cowboy
  7. Superfresh
  8. White Knuckle Ride
  9. Cosmic Girl
  10. Corner of the Earth
  11. Cloud 9
  12. Emergency on Planet Earth
  13. Runaway
  14. Canned Heat
  15. Love Foolosophy
  16. Supersonic

New Jamiroquai album ‘Automaton’ - an analysis

Jamiroquai teased their eighth studio album in January 2017 with a short clip of the 'Automaton’ video, driving fans virtually insane with anticipation...



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The album’s title track dropped later in the month. The music video show’s Jay Kay’s headgear reach new levels as the star dons a light-up helmet and dances around an underground tunnel.

The second single to be released was ‘Cloud 9’ in February. Spanish actress Monica Cruz (sister of Penélope Cruz) stars in the video, which also sees Jay Kay - a motoring fanatic -  driving a Ferrari along the beach.

Finally, ‘Superfresh’ was released as the third single. Due to his back trouble, the video doesn’t feature any new footage of Jay Kay. Instead, it focuses on a female dancer intercut with clips from the ‘Automaton’ video.

The full album dropped in March to positive reviews. It reached number four in the UK and charted well in Europe too.

Stay tuned to LineUP for more on Jamiroquai’s tour in 2017.