5 safety tips you need to read before buying resale tickets
Staff writer - February 23, 2018

5 safety tips you need to read before buying resale tickets

Follow these simple steps and make sure you get what you paid for
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So the event you’ve been waiting for all year sold out in minutes and you didn’t manage to get your hands on a ticket. Sucks to be you right now...

Fortunately, as with any other commodity people go nuts for, there’s always fans who end up with excess tickets or suddenly realise they’ve got a wedding that clashes with the dates.

But before you push a fistful of cash at the first person that says they can get you front row seats, there’s a few things you need to know about staying safe when buying resale tickets…

1. Never buy tickets from that dodgy geezer outside the venue

“Pssst! Tickets! Who needs a ticket?” Yeah… that guy.

We’ll stop you right there. While the bloke outside the venue might indeed be selling a legit ticket, he could just as easily be selling a bit of paper with “Bon Jovi” scribbled on it.

When you’re desperate to get into an event, it’s easy to buy into what scam artists are telling you. But if you need a ticket last minute, it’s best to use a service that guarantees your ticket by either allowing you to use your phone for access or to pick up the tickets from a reputable office.

2. Keep your tickets off your Instagram page

Don't post your tickets on social media

Of course you’re excited that you finally got yourself a ticket…

Thing is, sharing specific details publicly about your ticket (like the reference number and barcode) opens you up to fraudsters who want to forge your ticket and sell it on.

The result is you getting turned away at the door if the unsuspecting fan they sold to gets there first. Not worth 1000 likes on social media, is it?

3. Be proper suspicious of sellers who insist on cash

Genuine ticket resale marketplaces encourage you to use secure methods of payment like credit cards so there’s a handy paper trail if things go wrong.

Sketchy ticket re-sellers want cash so they can leg it round the corner and spend all that fake ticket money before you even know what’s happened.


4. Go full-Sherlock when you inspect your ticket

Buying resale tickets

Get your magnifying glass out and take a long, hard look at your ticket. Does anything look out of place? Are all the details correct? Are there any spelling errors? Is the text legible?

If your mates got tickets too, ask if you can compare yours to make sure everything looks above board (just don’t ask them to share images on social media, remember?)

5. Use a stress-free service that guarantees your purchase

StubHub’s FanProtect promise gives you peace of mind that your ticket is guaranteed.

You also have access to StubHub’s Virtual View (which lets you see exactly what you’ll be getting with 360° views of the venue) as well as Best Value and Pricing Assistant tools.

There. Now you’re safe to buy resale tickets without getting ripped off.

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