INTERVIEW: False Heads talk ‘murder room’ rehearsals
Staff writer - August 03, 2018

INTERVIEW: False Heads talk ‘murder room’ rehearsals

“A pile of bodies wouldn’t be a terrible way of absorbing some of the sound...”
False Heads: Luke Griffiths (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Elliott (Bass) and Barney Nash (Drums/Vocals)

LineUp wasn’t going to turn down the chance to interview “one of the best live bands in the world”.

False Heads have quickly garnered acclaim from the likes of Iggy Pop and 2018 is set to be an explosive year for the group.

Their new EP 'Less Is Better' - featuring new single 'Yellow' - is out in September as they embark on their first UK and Europe tour (dates below).

We had a chat with Luke Griffiths (vocals/guitar) about having a fag with Josh Homme, the storage container where they practice and getting a ‘real job’.

Iggy Pop has said you guys are “young, talented and going places” while ex-Ramones manager Danny Field insists you’re “one of the best live bands in the world”. Still reeling from those rave reviews I’d imagine…

Ha ha ha! Yeah, it is a little surreal. Especially exchanging emails with Iggy and Danny becoming such a close friend. We’re not from a family or a world that had any contacts in the music industry, so we really feel it when we get recognition from actual music legends like that. 

But we just try and make the best music possible and put everything we have into it - on record and live - so it’s nice to have a couple of icons make comments like that.


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You recently played alongside Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. He’s quite an outspoken chap - did he have any sage advice for you guys? 
A few bits and bobs when we were going for a smoke outside. It’s a touch hazy but he was saying stuff about thinking for yourself and individualism (which I completely agree with) and that’s part of why he smokes on stage, because fuck some arbitrary rule that’s imposed on you. 

If you want to smoke on stage, it’s your show, you should be able to. Something to that effect. I think we’re far too tribalistic in today's society. We love jumping on any bandwagon and witch hunt and I think a bit more free thinking and critical thought of rules and authority would go a long way on the political stage and in our everyday interactions with each other. 

It was cool meeting and talking to him.

False Heads Less Is Better Cover Art
False Heads rehearse in a storage container! Is that an acoustics thing or a serial killer thing? 
A pile of bodies wouldn’t be a terrible way of absorbing some of the sound in a metal box so maybe a bit of both, ha ha!

No, it’s just we were paying through the nose to rehearse every week so we just decided to rent out a storage container, put some soundproof shit up and it just became our little space. It’s great to have an actual space you can utilise creatively and we’ve written our best stuff in there.
The Independent named you as one of the “bands to watch in 2018”. Give us little teaser of what’s in store this year. 
A few big announcements. An EP, some music videos (one shot in actual Super 8 film - and you’ll get a lovely glimpse of the legendary storage container) and a pretty hefty UK/EU tour starting in September. 

False Heads tour UK and Europe
Amazing! Who are some other “bands to watch” in your opinion? 
The Americas, Strange Bones, Calva Louise, Gang, The Blinders, Breed.  
The late Christopher Hitchens inspired the lyrics to your latest single ‘Yellow’. Aren’t you worried about offending people with that kind of viewpoint on religion? 
No, not at all. I despise the perversion of truth, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, tribalism, bigotry and the tenets and belief systems of (mainly Abrahamic religions) embody that completely. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people conflate being critical of a belief system or what someone believes in and hating a group of people. They aren’t the same. You can like a Christian, a Muslim or a Jewish person but disagree with what they believe in, or maybe even have a conversation or a discussion about it. 

I find it extremely frustrating that religion has carved out a little section for itself where you can’t be critical of it without people being offended by it, or people act like you should respect that person's belief automatically because they’re religious. Fuck that, respect is earned not automatically given because you believe in some ancient fairy-tale, or anything for that matter. 

The same goes for me or anyone for that matter (even outside of religion) as well, someone shouldn’t just automatically respect my beliefs just because I have them, it should be earned. ‘Yellow’ mainly is the idea of the master/slave relationship in religion, out of everything awful about organised religion, the most basic premise of it, that you must worship and follow an entity or you will be punished for eternity, whilst being told that it loves you, is one of the most cruel. I find it depressing that writing lyrics about religion could be considered ‘offensive’. Bizarre...

Anyway, for me Hitchens embodied thinking for yourself and I’ve always respected that. I don’t agree with everything he stood for, the Iraq war being one of them, but so what? Believe it or not, no one believes in the exact same thing, contrary to what the political and social environment would have you believe. That’s just because we’ve created a horrible place where people are terrified of having conversations, discourse and saying what they think; an echo chamber.

A little bit like being part of organised religion...


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You’ve played some big festivals like Reading and Tramlines… What’s your biggest WTF moment at a festival? 

InMusic still. It was us, then David Byrne and Queens of the Stone Age on the mainstage. It was just crazy. 

Frank Carter had an unfortunate bus accident and we were told as we were sound-checking we had to play an hour instead of a half (we were set to go on before Frank Carter) so we had to prepare it quickly. By the end of the set we played to a huge crowd and it just made us feel like, if we can do it on this stage and win this many people, we can do it on any stage - anywhere. 

Oh, and Jake (Elliot, the bassist) got to meet Nick Cave so that made him happy. But to be honest, once you get up there, you just sort of fall into it and lose yourself. The weirdest moment was probably Tramlines Festival (Sheffield) when someone just found us lugging our gear and ended up trying to be our light and sound engineer. That was bizarre...

Did you get a lot of support from friends and family while you were up and coming, or were you encouraged to get a “real job”? 
Bit of both. Encouraged to get a ‘’real job’’ at the start by some, but we’ve managed to even win them round and everyone is really supportive.

And there were a few really like-minded people from the start (friends and family) that were always supportive. Not everyone thinks that the 9-5 is a good way to sleepwalk through life, even some of the ones that unfortunately get stuck in it.
We all still work jobs to make this work. We’ve done bar jobs, labouring, cold calling, leafleting, anything you can think of and we’re still doing it. I’ll come back to you with a party invite the day we quit, ha ha ha!


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You seem like a boisterous bunch. What kind of shenanigans can fans expect from your UK tour?
Ha ha ha, what gave you that idea? We guarantee you a shit ton of energy from us, somewhere you can come and lose yourself for 40 minutes, as well as possibly some drum diving, which is an official new sport.

Want to know what “drum diving” is? Catch False heads at one of their UK and Europe tour dates in 2018.

Here’s all the dates for the False Heads ‘Less Is Better Tour’:

  • Galway, Roisin Dubh (Ireland) - September 6
  • Dublin, Whelan’s (Ireland) - September 7
  • Brighton, Sticky Mikes (UK) - September 13
  • Stockton, KU (UK) - September 14
  • Blackpool, Bootleg Social (UK) - September 15
  • Glasgow, Classic Grand (UK) - September 16
  • Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club (UK) - September 17
  • Hull, New Adelphi Club (UK) - September 18
  • Bishops Stortford, Half Moon (UK) - September 19
  • Liverpool, EBGBS (UK) - September 21
  • Stoke, The Underground (UK) - September 22
  • Sheffield, Record Junkee (UK) - September 27
  • Manchester, Jimmy’s (UK) - September 28
  • Preston, The Ferrett (UK) - September 29
  • Nottingham, Chameleon Arts Café (UK) - October 3
  • Cambridge, The Blue Moon (UK) - October 4
  • London, Dingwalls (EP Launch Gig) (UK) - October 5
  • Southampton, Heartbreakers (UK) - October 6
  • Cardiff, The Moon (UK) - October 11
  • Bristol, Mother’s Ruin (UK) - October 12
  • Amsterdam, Venue TBC (Netherlands) - October 25
  • Paris, Le Truskel (France) - October 26
  • Hamburg, Molotow Musik Club (Germany) - October 27

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