INTERVIEW: Gentleman's Dub Club reach for the stars with new album
Staff writer - November 14, 2018

INTERVIEW: Gentleman's Dub Club reach for the stars with new album

"I will put my faith in the universe over technology any day"
Gentleman's Dub Club

Gentleman's Dub Club have got themselves a bit turned around with new album 'Lost In Space' - but the result is out of the world!

We sat down with lead singer Jonathan Scratchley for a chat about the band's 2018 festival experiences, supportive families and which animated sci-fi heroes they'd let join the club... 

'Lost In Space' is out on January 29. Fans of the TV show?

Not watched it to be honest! Although we’ll happily jump on the coat-tails of the Netflix marketing budget!


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If a robot walked in right now blurting, "Danger, Gentleman's Dub Club!", what do you think it'd be warning you about?

Watch out for the Gentleman... Especially the ones masquerading as dub musicians!

We'll keep an eye out...

There's a serious space-theme going on with this album. Even your record company is called Easy Star Records. Do you have a problem with Earth-based music or something?

I wouldn’t consider any music to be of this world to be honest!

I suppose there is a particularly ethereal nature to what we are making at the moment, it feels like the natural development from where we’ve been, slowly transcending....

Back on Earth, you performed at Bestival, Shambala and Boomtown! Any out-of-this-world stories to share?

Great festivals!

It felt pretty out of this world... At Bestival, my sister brought her three boys along. They’re three, six and nine years old.

Having them at the side of the stage with such a big audience felt truly unique and I could really feel their excitement. Something I will remember for infinity.

Your last album with The Next Men 'Pound For Pound' was a self-published release. Did you learn anything from that experience that you've been able to bring to your new album?

We definitely did. The process of making and releasing that record was a real learning curve and consequently a huge inspiration.

From an output point of view we did a crowdfunding campaign which was a brilliant way of engaging people, so we’ll look to do that again.

But this 'Lost in Space' campaign was well underway already so the learnings will be best built on for our next record (after 'Lost in Space'). Watch this space...

Space travel is becoming a reality as entrepreneurs like Elon Musk launch cars into the cosmos. If given the chance, would you go to space for real?

100%! To be honest I feel like I've already been there.

Which track are you most proud of from this album and why? You can only pick one.

I personally love ‘Ground Shaking’.

It was a beautifully natural writing process where the melodies and words easily floated into the room while jamming.

I feel this shows in the end result with a very true, honest and hypnotic feel. The imagery is also spot on for the overall concept and I feel really defines a crucial part to the journey.


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If Gentleman's Dub Club were actually lost in space, which one of you is most likely to insist he doesn't need to ask for directions?

Definitely me, I will put my faith in the universe over technology any day.

Let's imagine Gentleman's Dub Club were to open up membership to the sci-fi community. Which fictional character would be a useful addition to the lineup?

Rick or Morty. Ideally both.

Is there anybody here on Earth you think we'd be best off losing in space?

There are a few but I wouldn’t want to make that decision ;)

Pre-order 'Lost In Space'  today and keep your eyes peeled for Gentleman's Dub Club UK dates.

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