6 things you didn't know about Phil 'The Power' Taylor
Staff writer - December 20, 2017

6 things you didn't know about Phil 'The Power' Taylor

Including strip darts and game-night flatulence
Blue dart flights on the bullseye

As arguably the greatest darts player of all time powers his way through his final World Darts Championship before retirement, we take a look back at the life and career of a sports legend.

Here’s six facts about Phil "The Power" Taylor you might not know....

1. Record breaker


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Taylor has won 218 darts titles - including 85 major competitions and a record 16 World Darts Championships.

2. Flight of passion


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Accoding to an interview with Inside Edge, the darts hero claims he would regularly work “strip darts” into his training programme, jokingly attributing it to the reason he has four kids.

3. Maniac, braniac, winning the game..

Originally known as “The Crafty Potter”, Taylor later adopted the more intimidating monicker, “The Power”. It comes from the 1990 Snap! track ‘The Power’, which he also uses as his intro music.

4. Raising the bar

Taylor built up his darts mastery while running a pub, The Cricketers, which allowed him to practise for up to six hours a day. He did this for eight years.

5. Bogged down

Before his darts careers took off, Taylor was stuck making ceramic toilet handles after leaving school at 15.

6. Throwing in the wind

Rival Alex Roy once accused Taylor of breaking wind during a match, but he disputed the claim as “complete rubbish”. He told Inside Edge, “I've s**t myself up there a few times, but I've never farted!"

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