11 insane reactions to being surprised with tickets to sold-out events
Staff writer - July 26, 2018

11 insane reactions to being surprised with tickets to sold-out events

Get ready for an avalanche of feels...
Surprised reaction to receiving tickets as a gift

It’s heartbreaking to discover that tickets to your favourite artist or that unmissable game sold out almost instantly.

But could there be a better feeling than when someone you love manages to surprise you with tickets anyway?

That’s pretty much what we live for here at StubHub, so we thought we’d share a few emotional moments of true fans getting hold of the tickets they deserve (it was going to be a list of 10, but we couldn't not include number 11... 

1. Dad pulls tickets out of hat for magic moment with son

You've never witnessed true joy until you’ve seen this man discover he’s going to the championship game with his son.

Watch as Dad tries on his new hat, before realising he hadn’t checked the lining properly…

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2. Parents turn daughter’s bad day right around

Ten-year-old One Direction superfan Rhiannon - who works hard at school, hopes to work for NASA one day and helps out with her younger siblings - is pretty chuffed with the teen magazine her mum and dad got her.

Then she opens it...

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3. Girl gets iPhone, finds something way better in box

An iPhone probably tops the Christmas lists of most kids today - and this youngster is over the moon when she unwraps one.

But the smartphone quickly becomes old news when a simple piece of paper makes it the “best day ever”...

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4. Liam Gallagher stops car to help fans who couldn’t get tickets

It’s one thing bumping into your idol on his way to a sold-out gig, it’s quite another for him to put your name on the guest list when he hears you couldn’t get your hands on a ticket.

“As You Were!”

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5. Hard-working kid sheds a tear when dad gets him Cubs tickets

When doing chores for your parents as a kid, you might have expected a bit of pocket money, maybe some ice-cream...

But a child who gets up early in the morning to take care of business on the family farm deserves something extra special.

6. ‘Mean’ police officer stops car to issue everyone a ‘ticket’

There are some tickets you really DON’T want to get.

After this mum is stopped for driving too slowly, the police officer explains a new law that requires every passenger in the car to get a ticket.

Mum, Dad and the police officer’s straight-face game is on point throughout. Worth watching until the end.

7. Local hero with tough upbringing gets Super Bowl tickets

Michael Latawiec was born and raised under heartbreaking conditions before he was adopted by his American parents.

Having dedicated himself to the fan experience as he takes their tickets at the gate of U.S. Bank Stadium, the Minnesota Vikings decide to give him some tickets of his own.

8. Eagles fan loses her mind after thinking she missed Super Bowl

OK, so this is more of an insane reaction BEFORE being presented with some hard-to-find tickets, but it’s hilarious so we had to include it.

After her mum filmed her daughter’s post-anesthesia meltdown following dental surgery - in which she freaks out that she might have slept through the Super Bowl - the Philadelphia Eagles decided she would be a worthy recipient of a pair of tickets to the game.

9. Mum thinks she’s off to seaside, then she gets another envelope

When surprising loved ones with tickets for their birthday, it seems par for the course to preface it with as much deception as possible.

This lovely lady is sure she’s cottoned on to her family’s ruse of a secret trip to Barry Island, Wales - the quaint seaside town from TV comedy ‘Gavin and Stacey’. Then Chris Martin comes on the radio for an emotion overload...

10. Elaborate Easter egg hunt ends in tears for young Belieber

Tearing the house apart as you follow clues to chocolate eggs seems like a pretty good time to us in and of itself.

But this Aussie Justin Bieber fan loses her mind when she reaches the end of the trail...

11. Family man sobs with joy when his lifelong dream is realised

Dean Yockney could never afford tickets to the Rose Bowl and had assumed he’d never be able to go.

But his family was having none of that. His reaction is priceless...

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