Eddie Izzard Wunderbar comedy tour: From punchlines to UK politics?
Philip Mak - August 20, 2019

Eddie Izzard Wunderbar comedy tour: From punchlines to UK politics?

Jokes on you if you miss the British funnyman’s last standup set
Eddie Izzard

Beloved British comedian Eddie Izzard is bringing his Wunderbar Tour to the UK and Ireland for Autumn 2019.

His latest standup set has already made its way around North America and Oceania, where it received rave reviews. Now, he’s bringing it back to Europe where it all began; Izzard wrote his jokes in French originally and debuted them on a floating theatre on the Seine River in Paris. 

Speaking of the universality of his show, Izzard tells the New York Post: “If you explain the references — William the Conqueror is an old, dead English guy — people get it.”

He continues, “Human sacrifice, that was bloody weird, why would anyone do that? There are certainly universal subjects: haircuts, sex, houses, supermarkets, ancient people, the big bang. And short of the names of political people, going country to country, I’ve learned how to do that.”

It’s been five years since Izzard’s last stand-up tour, Force Majeur, set the record for the most extensive comedy show ever — having gone to 45 countries, all 50 states in the US and been performed in four languages. He has previously done sets in Spanish as well, and has dabbled in Russian and Arabic. 

Wunderbar returns to his roots, getting into his personal opinions and experiences. It also might be his last set before entering UK politics. He is an active and vocal member of the British Labour Party, having taken a spot on its National Executive Committee in 2018.

Izzard says on his website, “It is getting close to the time when I have to go off for a while to have a political life. But before I do that, I want to keep giving audiences around the world the best stand-up comedy shows that I can – especially at a time of Brexit-hate and Trump-hate. My new show is about everything from humans over the last 100,000 years to talking dogs and animal superheroes. I am looking forward to coming to see everyone again.”

If elected, Eddie Izzard would one of only a handful of transgender politicians to have taken office the UK. He came out in 1985 and has long incorporated dressing in women’s clothing into his stand-up shows, red carpet appearances and everyday life. 

"I knew when I came out that I didn't want to be the person marching up and down say 'Transgender – vote for us'. I couldn't make that the thing. I instinctively felt the best way to make people look at transgender or transvestite in a different way was just by living a life and trying to do something positive,” he tells Stuff


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Besides his political planning, Izzard is in the cast of Netflix’s upcoming “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” series and will also appear alongside “Roseanne” star Laurie Metcalfe in the Broadway revival of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” from 2 March to 9 April 2020. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s additionally co-written “Six Minutes to Midnight” — a period piece in which he will also co-star alongside Dame Judi Dench due out next year. 

Can’t wait that long to see Eddie Izzard? Keep reading to see everything you need to know before you go to his Wunderbar UK and Ireland tour, and click the link below for tickets.

Be there: Eddie Izzard 2019 UK tour

Fast facts

  • Hometown: Colony of Aden (modern day Yemen)
  • Real name: Edward John Izzard
  • Major awards: Primetime Emmy Award for Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program for his comedy special “Dress to Kill”; four Tony Award nominations

What are Eddie Izzard’s Wunderbar UK show dates?

Eddie Izzard’s 90-minute Wunderbar stand-up set is returning to Britain this autumn. From September to November 2019, he will bring his brand of timeless humour across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

His show promises to elicit cheers and chortles, and perhaps only the slightest bit of controversy. In his Wunderbar review, Stuff writer James Croot opined, “Few sacred cows (one of the few animals not to feature) were spared as this ‘spiritual atheist’ set about proving that God(s) either don't exist or are just having a laugh at our expense.” 


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He continues, “Positing an alternative take on world history, Izzard caused regular waves of laughter as he offered up his version of the life of Henry VIII, looked at the events of 1066 ("the year Britain lost the Battle of Hastings, but won the World Cup), suggested the pillars of human society include badminton, Scrabble and obesity and theorised that we are descended from a ‘little marmot called Kenny’.”

Eddie Izzard Wunderbar Tour UK and Ireland dates:

September 2019

  • 15 September — De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea
  • 17-21 September — The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham
  • 27-29 September — Brighton Dome, Brighton

October 2019

  • 2-6 October — King’s Theatre, Glasgow
  • 9-10 October — Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
  • 11 October — Oxford New Theatre, Oxford
  • 12 October — Pavilions, Plymouth 
  • 15-16 October — City Hall, Newcastle
  • 17-18 October — Leeds Town Hall, Leeds
  • 19-20 October — Festival Theatre, Edinburgh 
  • 23-24 October — Theatre Royal, Norwich
  • 25-26 October — Corn Exchange, Cambridge
  • 27 October — City Hall, Sheffield
  • 30 October to 2 November — Palladium, London

November 2019

  • 5-6 November — Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
  • 7 November — Empire Theatre, Liverpool
  • 8-10 November — O2 Apollo, Manchester
  • 13 November — Ulster Hall, Belfast
  • 14-16 November — Olympia Theatre, Dublin