Earplugs for concerts: why you'll regret turning a deaf ear to them
Staff writer - July 09, 2018

Earplugs for concerts: why you'll regret turning a deaf ear to them

Stay safe this summer music season!
Fans at the front of a concert

Throw your hands in the air if you’re the live music fan who NEEDS to be at the front of the crowd, close enough to the stage to feel the bass pumping in your chest.

We get it, you’ve forked out a ton for tickets to the must-see concert of the year and you want to soak up as much of that sweet musical goodness as your body can take.

But the reality is, exposing yourself to loud music without proper protection is putting your hearing at serious risk, and you could even end up with a permanent ringing in your ears.

What are the dangers of listening to loud music without earplugs?

Festival crowd close to the stage

The average UK festival stage blasts out music to the tune of 100-120db. But many bands turn it up to 11 - and beyond...

For example, festival favourites the Foo Fighters once played a concert in New Zealand so loud that it registered at Earthquake stations as far as two kilometres away!

Listening to music at this volume is likely to have a noticeable impact on your ears. You may experience a ringing in the ears the morning after the event, which is believed to be caused when the tiny hairs inside your ears are damaged.

The danger is when they get so damaged that the ringing is permanent, a condition called tinnitus for which there is no known cure. 

Several high-profile musicians suffer from the condition due to prolonged exposure to loud music, including Chris Martin (Coldplay) Will.I.am and Eric Clapton.

How can you protect yourself from tinnitus at festivals and concerts? 


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It’s safe to listen to live music at 100db for about 15 minutes - but after that you’re best off taking a break to give your ears a chance to recover. You’ll also want to keep a good 10m distance from the speakers 

But earplugs designed specifically for concerts are the smart answer.

While many fans fear that sticking earplugs in might reduce their enjoyment of the concert, high-fidelity earplugs are designed to make sure the music doesn’t sound muffled.

Good quality earplugs for concerts are reusable, so it’s a one-time expense that’s well worth it to save you from a lifetime of ringing in the ears.

Learn more about the dangers of hearing loss and tinnitus from loud music at the All Ears campaign website.

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