How to beat the winter blues with these UK comedy shows
Philip Mak - February 26, 2020

How to beat the winter blues with these UK comedy shows

Sick of winter? Laughter is the best medicine
Winter comedy shows

Not sure how to beat the winter blues? Try these UK comedy shows.

London and the UK are some of the greatest hubs for comedy in the world. With so many stand-ups, comedians and character comics performing intensively across the year, there’s always something to smile about — whatever your sense of humour.

Unfortunately, British weather is pretty brutal in the winter, which is no laughing matter. Fortunately, February is a great time for comedy as you’ll get to see some of the best comedians anywhere finesse and sharpen their material ahead of the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Additionally, 2020 also has some of the UK’s most well-loved comedians performing new stand-up tours. What could be better to beat the winter blues than comedy shows that come to you?

Comedy shows to beat the winter blues

Rhod Gilbert

The 2020 leg of Rhod Gilbert’s The Book of John Tour kicks off on 2 February in Liverpool. The award-winning Welsh stand-up comedian returned to the stage last year after a six-year hiatus. Gilbert’s comeback with The Book of John tour is raw, brutally honest and uproariously hilarious.

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Rob Beckett

Described by The Scotsman as “Little short of a revelation”, the self-appointed ‘mouth of the south’ is back with a bang this year. Rob Beckett’s new show truly lives up to its name, ‘Wallop’ — this UK comedy show is a knockout.

In a little over 10 years, Rob has established himself as an incredible, high-tempo comic, starring in pretty much every comedy panel show on TV: “Mock the Week”, “A League of their Own”, “8 out of 10 Cats”, to name a few. According to Shortlist, his comedy is joyous, cheek-aching and touching stand-up — all good words for beating the winter blues, wouldn’t you say?

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Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr is back with hit show ‘Terribly Funny’ on 20 February. Promising to “contain jokes about all kinds of terrible things”, Jimmy is a comedian who doesn’t pull any punches and whose withering one-liners have been heard around the world.

Not only is he the host of “8 out of 10 Cats” and “Countdown”, but he also smashed the US when he featured in the Roast of Rob Lowe. A comedian who heavily flirts with offensiveness and dark comedy, Jimmy Carr really does have the incredible knack of turning the horrific into the hilarious.

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Romesh Ranganathan

From New York to Guildford, Romesh Ranganathan’s new comedy show has kept him on the go. Starting in March, The Cynic’s Mixtape tour is a wonderful performance featuring the stand-up’s trademark deadpan humour.

After starting out in 2013, Romesh has achieved a huge amount in a very short space of time, including writing a book, “Straight Outta Crawley”, appearing on numerous comedy panel shows and relocating his family to the US for the telly series “Just Another Immigrant”, which ran on major American channels. As one of the UK’s fastest-rising comics, this is your chance to see him in the flesh before he gets any bigger.

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Jack Dee

“People need hope… that’s where I come in,” says Jack Dee — perfect beating the winter blues. Described as “a little ray of sleet”, he is coming to the rescue with his wonderfully morose new stand-up tour, Off the Telly. For fans, it’s great to see Jack Dee back and performing.

Famous for his ridiculously deadpan and grumpy stand-up persona, Jack Dee’s comedy is wonderfully British: dry, sarcastic and totally ironic. His sarcasm is legendary and, after a few years away from touring, one of the UK’s most prized comics is making his triumphant return. Why cry over missing it when you can laugh in the audience?

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Ross Noble

Already cemented as a British comedy legend, Ross Noble is a real one-of-a-kind comic. Abstract and totally off the wall, his comedy has involved security guards, sausage rolls and gluing meat onto faces.

His latest comedy show, Humournoid, is a work-in-progress — meaning you get to hear the Geordie comic’s flow of brilliance and unique train(wrecks) of thought as he puts it together. His two-month intensive tour starts in April, which is the perfect way to beat the winter blues just in time for spring.

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