INTERVIEW: 'Wavey' hitmakers CLiQ chat to LineUp ahead of their Strawberries and Creem set
Staff writer - April 16, 2018

INTERVIEW: 'Wavey' hitmakers CLiQ chat to LineUp ahead of their Strawberries and Creem set

Guess that's one way to get each other 'gassed' before a set...
Max and Rob of CLiQ

The Strawberries and Creem lineup for 2018 is looking epic, so what better way to get buzzed about it than having a chat with one of its hottest acts - CLiQ!

The DJ duo - known outside the booth as Max and Rob - hit the big time in 2017 when their debut single 'Wavey' went to number one on the Spotify Viral Chart.

The track - which features MOBO Unsung Award winner Alika - has since had more than 10 million Spotify streams and a ton of radio play.

Now CLiQ are gearing up for their first festival set together at Strawberries and Creem 2018.

Here's what the pair had to say about who they're excited to see this year, what they do to annoy each other and, of course, getting 'Wavey'...

Hey Max and Rob! What's the maddest thing that's happened to CLiQ on a Wavey night out?

Max: I kidnapped a monkey from the hotel bar in Thailand after a gig.

Rob: Sorry, I won’t even try to beat that ?.

The track is doing amazingly well! Did you ever think it'd blow up like this? How many times a day are you checking the latest stats?

Rob: Thanks! Yeah, we really didn’t imagine it would be this popular and it’s been a mad journey seeing 'Wavey' live its own life, so to speak.

Management always tells us that once the track is out there it’s up to the people, although I found myself checking stats at least once a day. I bet Max is doing it 3-5 times a day like the label ?.

Strawberries & Cream 2018! CLiQ's gotta be pulling out all the stops for their first big festival, right?

Max: We are so gassed about doing this event! We have a few surprises up our sleeves so WE GONNA BRING IT! ?.

We have some special edits of tracks we all know and love, so watch this space! We gonna test out some new fire!!!


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OK, so it's five minutes before showtime. What are you doing to get yourselves pumped up for the stage?

Rob: I have made it my new goal to build up a stinker for Max to deal with each time we enter the booth ?.

In all seriousness, we honestly just can’t wait to get out there and see the crowd… this is what will drive us the most. And maybe a shot or a beer will push the nerves aside, though nerves are also a good thing ?.

The lineup for S&C 2018 is pretty immense. Who are you excited to see this year?

Max: Lineup is maaaaaad this year... T PAIN gonna be LIT no doubt!!!

Rob: I like myself a bit of Kojo Funds 'Dun Talkin'. Heidi will be dope, Second City, House Gospel Choir for some classics, Jus Now 'TunUp'... (Pow!)… Latmun, Not3s, Luck and Neat...

So, after you guys knock it out of the park at S&C, what other festivals have you got in your sights?

Rob: Tomorrow Land main stage ??? ... Let’s get it (nuff said).

Max: He has been saying this for some time now ? There are more great festivals all over the world, which would also be dope, including Ultra, EXIT in Serbia or Harbourlife in Australia.

Got any tips for how to cope with the morning after a heavy night out getting Wavey?

Max: Hair of the dog… or sleep, drink water, feel sorry for yourself and moan about "never again"... then go out and do it all again ?.

What's the number one thing that annoys you about each other in the studio?

Rob: Max is hooked on Pro Tools and I have no clue. I only understand Logic and Abelton and he is fashionably always on time (no chance to be late with Max).

Max: Rob is like a conductor in the room. Always shouting out I WANT THAAT WUN! ?.

Give us a tease of what you're working on next...

Max: BANGERS!!! We only do bangers ???.

Rob: Also, some great remixes, which is a secret as to for who and when they will drop…

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