Cliff Richard 2021 UK tour celebrates singer’s 80th birthday
Philip Mak - November 05, 2019

Cliff Richard 2021 UK tour celebrates singer’s 80th birthday

Some People will certainly want to be at one of his 13 concert dates
Cliff Richard UK tour

Sir Cliff Richard will be embarking on The Great 80 Tour in September and October 2021 (rescheduled from 2020), with shows across the UK including London, Manchester, Glasgow and more!

As the tour’s title suggests, the legendary British pop rocker is hitting the road next year in celebration of his 80th birthday. Richard has been in the spotlight since the 1950s and has gone on to become one of the best-selling vocalists of all time. He originally performed under the banner Cliff Richard and The Shadows and topped the charts for the first time with the single “Travellin' Light” in 1959.

In the subsequent 60 years, his career has grown to 45 studio albums (including two in German), over 250 million records sold worldwide and he is the only singer with a UK no. 1 single in five consecutive decades. Oh yes, and Her Majesty knighted him in 1995 — so that’s Sir Cliff Richard, OBE, to you!

When asked whether he ever plans to slow down, Cliff Richard told the Daily Mail: “The word ‘retire' — I don't think that's in my vocabulary. What I plan to do is what I've done now, really. I've slowed, I've made it a level area — I don't tour for five or six months the way I used to. I can come back with my band — they're all friends of mine.”

While he remains wildly popular amongst British audiences and is proud of his heritage here —being among a group of celebrities who signed a petition asking the Scottish public to vote against separating— he has long lived beyond our shores. 


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That doesn’t mean the “Devil Women” singer isn’t back here all the time though. Just this past summer, the avid tennis fan was at Wimbledon 2019 cheering on the Johanna Konta match. And we know for sure Sir Cliff Richard will be back in the UK next autumn for his 2021 The Great 80 Tour!

Do you only have eyes for him? Keep reading for everything you need to know before you go to see the Cliff Richard tour.

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Cliff Richard fast facts

  • Birthday: 14 October 1940 (age 80)
  • Career began: 1958
  • Hometown: Lucknow, British India
  • Number of studio albums: 45
  • Musical style: Pop, adult contemporary, soft rock
  • Most famous singles: “Move It”, "Some People", “Livin Lovin Doll", "Please Don"t Tease", "I Love You", "The Young Ones”, "Summer Holiday”, “Devil Woman”, “Ocean Deep”, “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, “Summer Holiday”, “Wired for Sound”, “Lucky Lips”, “Mistletoe and Wine”, “Constantly”
  • Something you didn’t know: Jeffrey Narraway, a British tourist in Portugal, recently stole a Cliff Richard cut-out from a duty free at Faro airport, which proceeded to halt all other flights until it was returned 

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What are Cliff Richard’s UK tour dates in 2021?

The Great 80 Tour will see Cliff Richard perform 13 shows in 10 venues across the UK, including four shows at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall. Speaking of the performances in the Capital, the Mirror quotes a source as saying, “While Cliff will invite all his friends and family along to the dates, what better way to celebrate turning 80 than to be with all the fans who have stood by him through thick and thin.”

”He is over the moon that he is still rocking and rolling into his eighties. Long may it continue,” they add.

This sentiment is seconded by Richard, who also told the Mirror, “Sometimes I wake up in the morning and realise I haven’t sung for six months and it’s wonderful not having to worry about my throat giving out.”

The veteran vocalist continues: “So at those moments I think to myself, 'If I never did another show, I’d be very happy.' Then, blow me down, somebody suggests going on tour again and I’m saying, 'Oh, yes please!' I get all excited again and can’t wait to get out on stage. I just can’t resist it.”

Cliff Richard October 2021 tour dates

  • 7 October — City Hall, Sheffield
  • 9 October — Symphony Hall, Birmingham
  • 11 October — Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
  • 13 October — Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
  • 15 October — Sage, Gateshead
  • 17 October — Opera House, Blackpool
  • 19 October — BIC Windsor Hall, Bournemouth
  • 21 October — Brighton Centre, Brighton
  • 23 October — Royal Albert Hall, London
  • 24 October — Royal Albert Hall, London
  • 26 October — Royal Albert Hall, London
  • 27 October — Royal Albert Hall, London
  • 29 October — Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

Tickets purchased for the original 2020 dates remain valid.

Where does Cliff Richard live?

Though Cliff Richard was granted citizenship to the Bahamas and has had property in Portugal, he recently decided to relocate to New York City after a harrowing police search on his British mansion in 2014 — followed by a lengthy legal battle with the BBC for recording it via helicopter. 


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Speaking to Express, Loose Women panellist and close friend Gloria Hunniford said of Richard’s move to the States: “Cliff won’t come back and live here. He has made that jump now.”

She added, “He likes the anonymity in America. Some people recognise him but he does not get it all the time like he does here. His place is in New York and he likes it there. He loves coming back to perform occasionally and is looking forward to playing summer shows this year. But I don’t think he will ever live here all the time again.”

How to get Cliff Richard tickets?

Tickets for the Cliff Richard tour went on sale on 25 October 2019 with some dates already sold out. Don’t worry — it’s your Lucky Lips day! You can find guaranteed Cliff Richard tickets on StubHub.

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