Be a Christmas hero, pt. 1: How to make Mum's day unforgettable
Staff writer - December 15, 2017

Be a Christmas hero, pt. 1: How to make Mum's day unforgettable

Sam Smith! Shania Twain! Wicked!
Christmas presents for Mum

Welcome to the first in our series on how to walk away from Christmas with that smug look on your face that says, “yep, I absolutely NAILED it this year.”

It’s your handy guide to taking this year’s festivities to the next level and leaving the socks and jumpers to the unimaginative and most basic of Christmas shoppers.

Let’s start with a bit of Christmas shopping for the one who arguably deserves it the most. You know, after she went through labour and everything...

1. Get Mum Shania Twain tickets


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You know Mum loved a bit of Shania Twain back in the day - and now the chart-topping country star is back with a new album and tour. Slipping a couple of tickets to her 2018 shows in a card (or in the CD sleeve? Pretty sure Mums still listen to CDs...) is hassle free and likely to make you a shoe in for son/daughter of the year.

2. Finish off her look with some posh jewellery


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Mum doesn’t get out as much as she deserves to. So let her know it’s a special occasion and treat her to a nice bit of jewellery to go with her best frock. Mum doesn’t need another pair of oven gloves. Seriously, take the oven gloves back to the shop. Go now.

Christmas gift ideas for Mum

3. Take her to see Sam Smith live


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Smith is the kind of nice young man Mum can definitely get on board with. His new album is pretty decent so you know tickets to see him live in concert is a safe bet. Also, she can’t go on her own, meaning someone has to step up and use that extra ticket… Enter the Christmas hero to save the day!

4. A proper speaker that’s simple to use


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Maybe your Mum’s tech-savvy enough to be up-to-date on the latest music gadgets. Or maybe you had to do a three-hour workshop with her to show her how to find her favourite tunes on Spotify. Either way, kitting Mum out with a decent SONOS speaker will make her the envy of her book group when it’s her turn to host. Plus, she’ll probably let you borrow it. Mum’s cool like that.

5. How about a trip to the theatre?

Has Mum been going on about how Dad doesn’t take her to the theatre much anymore? Take your Christmas heroism to new heights and get them tickets to go together. There’s loads of great shows on tour and of course you’ll be spoilt for choice in London. Wicked, Lion King, The Mousetrap… She’ll have a great time and you'll be in Dad's good books too.

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Stay tuned to LineUp for more gift guides to make Christmas 2017 the most memorable yet.