Be a Christmas hero, pt 3: How to make a kid's day magical
Staff writer - December 18, 2017

Be a Christmas hero, pt 3: How to make a kid's day magical

Because children love you more when you get them awesome stuff
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre London

The nice thing about kids is they aren’t shy about telling you what they want for Christmas - in fact they’ll even prepare you a list.

Sure, it’ll be illegibly written in crayon and addressed to a fictional fat man, but it’s a pretty decent blueprint for putting smiles on their little faces.

However, if you want them to look up at you like Batman just walked in the room, you’re going to need to take it up a gear. Whether it’s your niece, nephew, a close friend’s brat or your own sprogs, here’s what you need to do to make their Christmas one to remember...

1. Take them to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

In the wearisome world of parenting, there are some magic words that, if said in the right order, can hypnotise a child into the kind of good behaviour Supernanny can only dream of...

Harry. Potter. Tickets.

Give the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ DVD a break this Christmas and take them to see The Boy Who Lived for real! (Well, not for real. It’s still just some bloke dressed up. But kids will believe anything...)

2. Get them Star Wars stuff!


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Star Wars is back in a big way, and it doesn't appear to have escaped the attention of every single toy shop in the country. It’s hard to comfortably move through the aisles stuffed to the brim with lightsabers, remote control BB-8s and Porgs.

Have you even seen a Porg? C’mon, those guys are CUTE! Are you seriously not going to buy Porgs this Christmas? Porgs!  

3. Go to the Christmasaurus with them!


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You know what kids are like at Christmas; they open a present and forget all about it in five minutes. Zero attention span. We blame video games and other super fun stuff...

So why not take them to a show that’ll mesmorise them for over an hour - The Christmasaurus! It was written by that geezer from McFly (Tom Fletcher), who currently holds the title of Social Media Superdad, so you know it’s decent. Seriously, it’ll go down better than getting them their very own pet dinosaur (well, no... If there’s a way you can make that happen, you should definitely do that instead. But this is a pretty good plan B.)

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4. Get them something their parents will hate


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So providing we’re not talking about your own kids here, you’re pretty much free to get them something that’ll send their levels of obnoxiousness through the roof. And why not? You don’t have to put up with it and they'll think you're the coolest. Our recommendation: Nerf guns.

Attempt this only if you’re looking to be a Christmas hero in the child’s eyes - because in the eyes of their parents, you’ll be the devil incarnate.

5. Buy them Taylor Swift tickets


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Getting a teen tickets to see Tay Tay transcends Christmas heroism - you’ll be a flippin’ Chrimbo God! The ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ singer is heading to the UK in summer 2018 and you could be the one that scores them the tickets.

There literally may be no topping this. Unless you happen to hold the lease to a chocolate factory. Yeah, didn’t think so...

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