Be a Christmas hero, pt 2: How to impress Dad this year
Staff writer - December 18, 2017

Be a Christmas hero, pt 2: How to impress Dad this year

Football! Liam Gallagher! Darts!
Christmas presents for dad

Dad is probably the hardest family member to buy for.

He’s not always one for expressing how he feels so you never really know if you got it right or not.

But not this year... here’s your foolproof guide to sticking something under the tree that’ll legit blow his mind...

1. Take Dad to the football


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Rekindle some of your childhood by enjoying a live game of footy with your dear old dad. Or if you never went, start a brand-new memory together! Not only that, you can schedule it on Boxing Day or New Year's Day so you’ve got the perfect excuse to bail on the day-after tidying up. Everton vs Manchester United is on January 1, for example...

2. A coffee machine would go down well


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Dad LOVES a gadget. Kit out his kitchen with a posh coffee maker and you’ll not only make him happy, Mum will be pretty chuffed with his newfound motivation to make her a hot drink for a change. Also, you get to enjoy the farce of him fiddling around with the thing because he refuses to read the instructions - Chrimbo comedy gold!

3. Go and see Liam Gallagher with him


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Somewhere among the dad rock, disco and the trying-to-be-cool indie albums, you’ll probably find an Oasis record or two in his collection. Poor taste in music or not, no dad can deny the blaring Britpop anthems of the classic Mancunian band - and now you can bowl him over by presenting a couple of tickets to a sold out Liam Gallagher gig.

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4. Get him a Fitbit


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The doc has spoken: Dad’s gotta get up off his bum and burn off some of those calories. And with Christmas around the corner, his cholesterol is already starting to take a bit of a kicking. Enter the Christmas hero (you) with a nifty gadget that’ll take a lot of the headache out of keeping track of his physical activity.

5. Take him to the World Darts Championships

Hit the bullseye this Christmas (had to get one dad joke in somewhere...) by taking your pops to the darts. The WDC is well underway and could well be Phil “The Power” Taylor’s swansong. It’ll also free up the telly for the rest of the family - your Christmas heroism knows no bounds!

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