Be a Christmas Hero, pt 4: The perfect gift for your bae
Staff writer - December 19, 2017

Be a Christmas Hero, pt 4: The perfect gift for your bae

Chris Rock! Stereophonics! Shower curtain?
Christmas presents for boyfriend or girlfriend

That’s right, we said “bae”. Didn’t think we were that “woke”, did you?

Alright, we’ll stop before we embarrass ourselves worse that your drunk uncle on the karaoke machine at Christmas - let’s just get right to it.

Here’s our handy guide to getting your boyfriend or girlfriend a Christmas present they’ll never forget...

1. Take them to see Chris Rock


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Comedy DVDs are a staple of the Christmas shopping list - and it’s not a bad shout. But you know what, you’re an aspiring Christmas hero! You must be, or you wouldn’t have clicked on the article...

Swap out the DVD for tickets to the most hotly anticipated comedy event of 2018 - Chris Rock! The Hollywood superstar is bringing the funny across three nights at The O2 Arena in January, and it’d make a pretty cool present for your SO.

Order. Print. Fold. Slip into card... Have a beer, you’re done.

2. Get them a Jeff Goldblum shower curtain


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There’s little else in this world that can elicit the look of surprise a person has on their face when they unwrap a Jeff Goldblum shower curtain. I mean, just look at the thing - it works on so many levels! One: ultimate conversation starter for when guests come round. Two: If the bathroom isn’t clean, no one would ever notice. Three: There’s also a monkey on it. We could go on...

3. Go to see Stereophonics together

Welsh rockers Stereophonics are back with new album ‘Scream Above the Sounds’ - and they’re touring the UK! The band has a packed schedule from February 23 to March 12, with shows in London (Wembley), Glasgow (The SSE Hydro), Manchester Arena... and you and your other half could be in the front row pretending you know the words to ‘Bartender and the Thief’ well enough to be screaming them that loudly.

Or you could just buy them the new album. Whatever...

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4. Buy them a Rick and Morty Christmas sweater

If your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t appreciate a Christmas jumper with Rick and Morty on it, it’s probably fair to say they’re not the one... These festive garments are among the hottest Christmas gifts of 2017. They solve the age-old problem of feeling obligated to wear a Christmas jumper bought for you as a gift - although it does create the new issue of wanting to carry on wearing it in January...

Wubba lubba dub-dub!

5. Get them Kendrick Lamar tickets


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The hottest rapper alive is heading to the UK in 2018 - and you KNOW that getting tickets for Christmas is going to earn you some serious relationship points. Kendrick’s 2017 album ‘DAMN’ has topped a number of best album lists, so you can safely assume they'd be up for the concert.

Getting your boyfriend or girlfriend tickets to see Kendrick Lamar live is the kind of heroic deed that allows your legend to live on long after you've passed on to the spiritual plain (well, their friends will probably be talking about it in the pub for at least five minutes).

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