WATCH: Chris Rock’s funniest moments ever
Staff writer - January 12, 2018

WATCH: Chris Rock’s funniest moments ever

Time to get warmed up for his upcoming London shows
Chris Rock

Chris Rock - one of the hottest stand-up comedians of all time - is coming to the UK!

To get you in the mood for his London shows (this month at The O2 Arena and The SSE Arena Wembley), we’ve compiled some of the funniest clips of the star in action.

Here’s eight of the funniest Chris Rock moments ever. Enjoy!

1. Chris Rock on when he met the Obamas

“I never felt so stupid in my life!”

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2. Chris Rock on the Oscars

“Porno stars don’t make movies that fast!”

3. Chris Rock on race relations

“That’s not Pocahontas! That’s Jennifer Lopez!”

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4. Chris Rock on the Freedom Tower, Christmas and guns

“In the same way I can’t drive a NASCAR down the street, I shouldn’t be able to have a machine gun in my house, across the street from a school. OK?”

5. Chris Rock on relationships

“You can’t “ha ha” you’re way into this!”

6. Chris Rock on his dreams of becoming president

"I told my mother and she was like, 'You better not! You’ll get shot!'"

7. Chris Rock on being a dad

“Your sperm worked twice!”

8. Chris Rock on America

"I know Bill Clinton. I am Bill Clinton."

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