Key UK names in music and sports stand united against racism - #BlackoutTuesday
stubhub - June 03, 2020

Key UK names in music and sports stand united against racism - #BlackoutTuesday

Initiative from top British personalities in music and sports to support the fight against racism on in light of recent events
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Following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minnesota several personalities in the music and sports industries have been organising and participating in initiatives showcasing support for the black community in the UK as well as educating fans of all ethnicities about the importance of taking a stand against racism and discrimination.

From UK rappers to athletes here is a collection of posts and key initiatives to engage and drive change.

1. Seani B & DJ Ace podcast on BBC Radio 1Xtra

On #BlackoutTuesday the BBC hosted a 2-hour show led by presenters Seani B and DJ Ace sharing their experiences as black men in the UK. They are joined by several guest speakers participating in the conversation around race and white privilege. The show also features a few recommended tunes to listen to and is currently available to stream on replay on BBC Sounds.


2. Jorja Smith supporting emerging musician @leah.musicuk

R&B British singer and songwriter Jorja Smith recalled her hit "Blue Lights" wishing it would no longer be relevant. On her Instagram post on June 1st she also featured a video of Leah, a young singer and songwriter performing her original work "A Letter to the American police"


To all my fans, I love you all and I hope you love me, my family, my ancestors, where I come from and what has shaped me. I want to write a song about what’s happening and been happening because that’s how I communicate with you, but I can’t. It’s not me saying I don’t want to address what’s going on, I’m actually lost for words, I feel I don’t have any new vocabulary. I know how I feel though, angry, upset and confused that my people continue to suffer and fight for equality in societies built on oppression and have been suffering and fighting for so long. At times ‘Blue Lights’ is one of the last songs in my set. A song that I didn’t want to be relevant today, a song that was written before me, for me, a song that will be written today and next week. A song about the injustice and killing of black lives. If you’ve done nothing wrong blue lights should just pass you by? Sounds so naive. J Song by @leah.musicuk Pages from James Baldwin - The Fire Next Time

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3. Aitch's Superchat on Youtube

Young Manchester rapper Aitch hosted the first live stream performance on Youtube's Superchat initiative. All proceeds from the live streaming will be split between charities supporting young black people in the UK


4. Anthony Joshua remembering Afro-Caribbean victims


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5. P Money recalling his past experiences

London grime rapper P Money shared what led to his 2016 song "Stereotype" and how it keeps being relevant to current events


6. Ella Mai opens up with her fans  


#blackouttuesday it has been heavy on my heart and my mind to see what is going on and has been going on for so long be named anything other than racism. i have been struggling to put words together this last week, as i feel we all have, and i don’t think any paragraph can express the true pain we are feeling for george floyds family, many families that have come before his and how we have felt for far too long. there aren’t many words that can be said that haven’t already been, but what i can and will say is i’m so proud of how we have shown up and refused to be silenced ... we will fight for what is right, not just yesterday, today&tomorrow but EVERYDAY. we won’t stop fighting for you george, breonna, ahmaud, all the names that we know of that have so devastatingly come before you and all of the names that we unfortunately never knew but know exist. in this time of need, do what you can. show up in whichever way you can, nothing is too small or too large, but do it with purpose, dignity and as safely as you can please. although we shouldn’t have to say it, we will until we are understood and even after, black lives matter ❤️

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7. England Rugby's Maro Itoje raising awareness 

As an Afro-Caribbean Rugby player in England, Maro Itoje shares his thoughts on why more attention should be brought to injustices happening in the UK and Africa as well as charity recommendations in order to contribute to the cause.


Being in lockdown this has been a very reflective period. Especially with the death of George Floyd recently it has given me a whole load of food for thought.. Police brutality/racism has been a consistent issue within the US, and the UK is definitely no angel either when it comes to this matter. As a society we seem to be more outraged over injustices in the US over the injustices that happen in the UK and in the African continent. I am guilty of this at times also. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But on a more individual level it has made me think what more can I do to support and uplift the Afro/Caribbean community specifically through my sport, behaviours and through my charitable endeavours. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As with all charities, this is a tough period for them. As a result of Covid donations have dramatically reduced and fundraising has been halted. Here are a few charities that are doing great things for our community if you would like to support - ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @showracismtheredcard @runnymedetrust @s_lawrencetrust @4frontproject ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #BlackOutTuesday

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8. England Cricket's Eoin Morgan showing support


Black Lives Matter #blackouttuesday

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The official #TheShowMustBePaused website recommended a number of actions/resources to understand more in depth what lies behind the recent protests and how to empower yourself to become an active ally of the black community all over the world.

The #BlackoutTuesday organisers also put together this plan of learning resources according to how much time per day you can afford to dedicate to it.