Logan Paul vs KSI: fight news, date, venue and how to get tickets
Staff writer - July 25, 2018

Logan Paul vs KSI: fight news, date, venue and how to get tickets

Watch YouTubers duke it out in Manchester
Logan Paul vs KSI

Controversial YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI are set to clash at Manchester Arena this August in one of the strangest bouts on the 2018 fight calendar.

While neither has a long history of professional fighting, the pair decided to square off after KSI called out the massively successful social media star after becoming the YBC (YouTube Boxing Championships) champ earlier this year.

Here’s everything we know about the Logan Paul vs KSI fight, including how it all started, when it’s going down and how to get tickets.


Logan Paul: the stats

Full name: Logan Alexander Paul
Height: 6ft 1in
Age: 23 (born April 1, 1995)
YouTube followers: 16 million
Most popular video: The Fall Of Jake Paul (Official video) FEAT. Why Don’t We

KSI: the stats

Full name: Olajide William "JJ" Olatunji
Height: 6ft
Age: 25 (born June 19, 1993)
YouTube followers: 18 million
Most popular video: KSI - Lamborghini (Explicit) ft. P Money

KSI vs Logan Paul: when and where is the fight?


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The KSI vs Logan Paul fight will take place on August 25 at Manchester Arena (7pm).

A second fight between the pair has also been scheduled for February 2019 in the US.

Before the main event in the UK, Logan and KSI’s little brothers Jake Paul and Deji will also go toe to toe (more below).

How to watch Logan Paul vs KSI

Being massive YouTube stars, the pair’s bout will be streamed on YouTube - but you’ll have to fork out for pay-per-view.

If you want to be close enough to experience the fight blow by blow, you can be there in person at the Manchester Arena showdown.

Struggling to get tickets? Check out Stubhub.co.uk where fans with extra tickets they need to sell can connect with people desperate to get there hands on one.

The full story behind the Logan Paul vs KSI fight

KSI has signed on for a two-fight deal with Logan Paul - who made headlines earlier this year after posting a controversial video of Japan’s Aokigahara, also known as the“suicide forest”.

The beef between the pair began after KSI defeated his first YouTube opponent Joe Weller and immediately called out Logan Paul. 

In fact, he also called out his brother, his entire family and, for some reason, retired footballer Rio Ferdinand.

Watch the full fight below (skip to 26:30 to watch him call out the Pauls).

Logan Paul decided to rise to the British internet heavyweight's challenge, but had originally wanted the fights to take place in a neutral location, such as Dubai. He later agreed to the UK and US venues.

The KSI vs Logan Paul press conferences - what went down?

The outspoken pair clashed during their first press conference in June at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. After Logan whipped off KSI’s blond wig, security had to break them up.

A later press conference in London’s York Hall in July 2018 saw Logan walk out after KSI teared into him with a barrage of insults to his family, new girlfriend Chloe Bennet (of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and the star himself.

Jake Paul vs Deji Olatunji: how did that happen?

Deji Olatunji - who hosts YouTube channel ComedyShortsGamer - and Jake Paul will fight before the main event after the younger Paul brother accepted the challenge.

At the UK press conference, Greg Paul (father of Logan and Jake) was attacked by Deji and KSI fans. Greg Paul later sued Deji, claiming he provoked the crowd to assault him.

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