5 reasons why you should get the StubHub app
Philip Mak - April 04, 2019

5 reasons why you should get the StubHub app

Take a look at the future of buying and selling event tickets.
StubHub app

Everyone has opened up social media and experienced FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out. You know it: all your friends are at one of the UK’s best festivals or a Cricket World Cup 2019 match, and you’re stuck at home watching reruns of Bake Off. The StubHub app is the cure to common FOMO — and is the fastest, safest and most convenient way to make sure you never miss out on another event, experience or group selfie ever again.


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What is the StubHub app?

The StubHub app makes it simple and easy to buy and sell tickets in just a few clicks. Gain VIP access to the world’s largest ticket marketplace, with over 10 million upcoming live sports events, concerts, theatre shows, gigs and tours — whether it’s for the big game, that I-discovered-them-first-I-swear indie band or a bucket-list West End performance.

The StubHub app is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android via iTunes and the Google Play store.

Download on the App Store.

Download on Google Play.

Reason #1: You can see your seats in 3D

Fact: you’ve never purchased tickets like this before. The app is packed with brand-new AR and VR features to make buying an interactive experience — using innovation to put fans into the action.

The StubHub app’s virtual 360-degree views put you in your seat so you know exactly what you’ll be seeing come showtime. Oh yeah, and it gets better. Launched on Super Bowl Sunday 2019, our industry-first 3D-immersive ticket buying feature drops you into the stadium like a drone, puts you in your seat and gives you sweeping, 360-degree real-life views from your chosen spot — all before you hit the buy button.


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Reason #2: StubHub app makes recommendations based on your taste

Fancy a night out but not sure what to do or see? We can give you recommendations based on your Spotify or Apple Music account, music library and favourite stars — and you can even preview songs, read artist bios, get Foursquare dinner recommendations around the venue and share your picks with your mates. While the event might not be your only stop that night, the StubHub app is a one-stop ticket buying experience.

Reason #3: Plan your entire experience on iMessage

Turn text messages into the time of your life — invite mates, vote on seats and plan your fun, all within iMessage.

Follow these four steps to link the StubHub app to iMessage:

  1. 1. Download the StubHub app and sign in.
  2. 2. Tap the Messaging Apps button, hit the App Browser button, then add the StubHub app.
  3. 3. Launch the StubHub app from your iMessage screen.
  4. 4. Search for an event, find your tickets and enjoy!


Once you’ve decided on an event, select a handful of seat options and have your mates vote on which ones to buy. You can chat, organise events and buy seats with your crew seamlessly.

Reason #4: StubHub’s FanProtect™ buyer protection

Even after you’ve made the best purchasing decision of your life, with StubHub FanProtect™ Guarantee you can be assured we have your back right up until it hits your seat.

Buyers are guaranteed to receive tickets in time for the experience, and they're guaranteed to be valid. If not, we'll replace them with comparable or better options to the same event or offer a full refund or FanCode for a future purchase. When events are cancelled, full refunds will be issued automatically.


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Reason #5: All these other StubHub app features

Find the best events

  • Sports highlights: Enjoy events such as US sports, tennis, motorsports and more
  • Recommendations: Let the fun find you with event recommendations based on your Spotify account, Music Library and favourite artists
  • Artist and venue info: Listen to iTunes song previews, read artist bios, get Foursquare tips about the venue and get Yelp tips for things to do nearby
  • Event categories: View events by category to discover events based on your interests or mood


Never miss a great event

  • Favourites: Add your favourite artists, teams and venues to discover upcoming events
  • Fun with friends: Discover and share favourites and events with your friends



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Manage your tickets and listings easily

  • My tickets: Track your orders, view your mobile tickets and get ready for your next event
  • Sell section: List tickets, manage your listings and view your sales
  • Mobile tickets: Get into events with your iPhone — no need to print (available for selected venues)
  • Apple Wallet: Add your tickets to Apple Wallet and scan your iPhone to get into events (available for selected venues)


Find the best seats

  • Interactive seating maps: See the view from the seats virtually before you buy your tickets
  • Virtual reality view: Get an immersive, 3D view from your section for selected venues
  • iMessage: Share and vote on seats with your friends using iMessage


Speed through checkout

  • Apple Pay: Check out quickly and easily with Apple Pay


Download the StubHub app for iOS or Android on iTunes or the Google Play store, and never fear FOMO again!

Download on the App Store.

Download on Google Play.