With Last Minute Services (LMS), sellers drop off or send their tickets to StubHub when they list them for sale. This means that buyers can purchase tickets for many events right up until the start of the event and pick them up at a StubHub LMS Centre near the venue.

How LMS Works

Request LMS when you list your tickets for sale, then post or drop your tickets off at a designated StubHub LMS Centre

As soon as we receive your tickets, they will automatically appear on StubHub.co.uk

If your tickets sell, we coordinate pick-up for buyers at the designated LMS Centre

How to Sell with LMS
Delivering your tickets
Picking up tickets
How to Sell with LMS
  • Select the event you're selling tickets for
  • When choosing your delivery method, select 'Last Minute Services' (in some cases, it may already be selected for you) and continue through the listing process
  • After you enter your listing info, to activate the listing, you'll need to deliver your tickets to our LMS team. We'll email you instructions on how to do that shortly after you submit your listing
  • Once the LMS team approve your listing, your tickets will be visible to buyers on StubHub
  • If your tickets sell, we'll coordinate pickup for the buyer at the designated LMS Centre. Then, you'll get paid after the event
Watch the how to video to find out more.
Delivering your tickets to an LMS centre
When you list your tickets for LMS, you'll need to deliver the tickets to our LMS Centre. You can send the tickets or drop them off in person to the following address:

29 Great Portland Street

Our LMS opening times are 10:00 - 19:00, Monday to Saturday, and 12:00 - 19:00 on Sundays.
The following link will provide an interactive map and directions.

Picking up your tickets at an LMS Centre
When you order tickets for pickup at a StubHub LMS Centre, we'll let you know exactly when your tickets will be ready for pickup. We'll also inform you if your tickets are available before the day of the event or if we have a pickup location situated at the event location on the day.

When you pick up your tickets at an LMS Centre, remember to bring:
  • Your StubHub order number or confirmation email
  • A valid photo ID
LMS London Team
StubHub LMS London Team

For any further questions, please send an email to the Last Minute Services team.
When you sell on StubHub, you'll get paid for all sales you complete as promised and you don't have to worry about communicating with buyers.

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