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Some of the hottest stars of the last decade have risen to fame thanks to social media, and the Janoskians are definitely one of the best example of this. With their explosive rise to fame thanks to YouTube, the Janoskians have become one of the hottest boy bands in the world! Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, this hysterical an off beat of five guys has amassed fans all over the world with their funny videos and catchy tunes. With numerous YouTube channels, such as "JanoskiansBlog" and "Twin Talk Time", the Janoskians constantly upload videos of their sidesplitting pranks and humorous mockumentaries, and their videos and expert use of social media has made them one of the biggest boy comedy groups to ever come out of Australia.

Fortunately, Janoskians' North America fans have a chance to see their favorite boy comedy group this fall as the Janoskians make their way across the US and Canada on their upcoming tour! Starting in September, The Janoskians will be performing at top tier venues in cities all over North America, including Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Louisville, Indianapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Boston, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, and more! As you can tell, the Janoskians have a busy schedule this fall, and they are gearing up to give you a show you will never forget! So head to StubHub right away to secure your Janoskians tickets for one of their shows this fall!

Janoskians Background

In the beginning of September, 2011, a group of young pranksters decided to start a YouTube channel. The group consists of Beau Brooks, Jai Brooks, Luke Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie, and James Yammouni. They started to post humorous videos of their pranks and gross-out humor, and almost immediately developed a huge fan base. Six months after their first posts, the group scheduled a meet and greet with fans at a theme park in Melbourne, but the event had to be cancelled because of the enormous crowd that turned up. From then on, the group knew that they were going to be a huge success. Everywhere they performed or scheduled a meet and greet, thousands of teenagers showed up, with many of them camping out overnight just to get the chance to meet the Janoskians.

In 2012, the Janoskians decided to embark on their music career as well as their comedy career. They signed with Sony Music Australia and released a single, "Set This World on Fire". Later that year, they even appeared on MTV with their own eight episode web series titled The Janoskians: MTV Sesssions. When the Janoskians came to the U.S. and organized a meet up in Times Square, over 20,000 female fans showed up, anxious to meet their favorite new boy band. The frenzy over this funny and outrageous comedic and musical group has risen to new heights, even attracting the attention of mega stars like Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Bieber.

When the Janoskians go on tour, you can expect their fans to show up in hoards, all eager and excited to see what this crazy group has in store for them. Now you can make sure that you have your tickets to see the Janoskians perform their funny and funky singles and entertain you the whole night long by booking your tickets on StubHub today!

Greatest Hits

The Janoskians undoubtedly have their biggest success with their YouTube videos, most of which garner millions of views thanks to their rabid international fan base. With their hilarious and eccentric pranks, the five comedic members have earned their place as one of the biggest groups to come out of YouTube. The Janoskians have released three singles, including "Set This World on Fire", "Best Friends", and "Real Girls Eat Cake". Of course, the Janoskians know that they owe their fame to YouTube, so they stick to uploading hilarious videos so they can connect with their fans at all times. Now you have the chance to see your favorite YouTube stars in person—head to StubHub right away to grab your tickets to an upcoming Janoskians tour!


"Janoskians" is an acronym for "Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation".

The Experience

Be prepared to spend the night cracking up, because this group of young pranksters has taken the world by storm with their mockumentaries, dares, gross-out humor, and of course, their legendary pranks. You will also get to witness their musical talent as they perform their hit songs, giving you one of the most entertaining and fun-filled evenings of the year! So make sure that you and your friends have your tickets to the Janoskians and secure yours on StubHub today. With such a loyal and devout fan base, the Janoskians are used to selling out shows, so make sure you grab your tickets today!

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